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With great affection and appreciation, we opened space to celebrate the newlyweds of the last weekend in São Paulo, beautiful Maria Flávia Candido Seabra and Luiz Flávio Cordeiro Fernandes, whose ceremony took place in the beautiful residence of the couple Fabiana and Fábio Riccó. All in petit committee, just between the family and the couple’s great friends, but with the right to everything that makes the success of great celebrations. Rooms and gardens were decorated by Vinícius Albuquerque, with advice from Paula Bacarat, sound by Conrado and Paulinho and DJ Sidney Coelho and singer Solange Vogel. Classic and chic, Maria Flávia wore a bridal dress inspired by the great moments of haute couture in Uberaba, created by Maria José and Beatriz Schick, with touches of Angela Pena.


🇧🇷 The emotion of the bride and groom and the joy of the guests
🇧🇷 Outstanding and captivating presence of the mother of the bride, Maria do Carmo Ottoni Candido
🇧🇷 The eternal memories of Luiz Flávio’s parents, unforgettable Rosangela Cordeiro Fernandes and Edson Luiz Fernandes
🇧🇷 Gourmand buffet of Mediterranean cuisine
🇧🇷 Inspired dinner in Minas Gerais cuisine in homage to the groom’s Uberaba roots

Dearest Dr. Luiz Flávio Cordeiro Fernandes and his beloved Maria Flávia engaged on Saturday in São Paulo

The bride Maria Flávia Seabra and her captivating mother Maria do Carmo

Juliana and Arthur Melo Cordeiro – with wife Juliana Daher and princess Luisa – with the groom’s brother, João Ricardo Cordeiro Fernandes and wife Luciana

Cast of ladies and gentlemen who brightened the wedding of Maria Flávia and Luiz Flávio

Family members from Uberaba gathered in São Paulo to toast the couple, including the Minister of Agriculture of Brazil, Marcos Montes Cordeiro and his beautiful Marília


Around here, parties and more parties on the weekend’s agenda, which mixed events scheduled on a whim with World Cup revelries, people practically putting together the celebrations.

One of the most famous anniversaries was, without a doubt, the 15th birthday of Nicole Zago Bonisatto, who won a big debut party for her parents Joelma and Fernando Binisatto (he, one of the entrepreneurs of the famous Skala Cosmeticos), at the Phartenon Classic. Marise Romano was there, capturing the best moments of the event.

Debutante Nicole Zago Bonisatto on debut night with her parents Joelma and Fernando Bonisatto

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