“Not excited”; Odair does not approve and player with a salary of R$ 490 thousand can ‘disappear’ from Vila Belmiro


Santos commander has carte blanche to make decisions in the football portfolio

- Odair Hellmann
🇧🇷 (Photo: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)– Odair Hellmann

Odair Hellmann he arrived at Santos carte blanche to make any kind of alteration he wanted. The coach is very motivated to do a good job ahead of Peixão, even more so because he arrived with distrust on the part of the fans and will need to perform right at the beginning to gain morale with the most critical ones, already aiming for the first matches of 2023.

Odair has been talking almost daily with Falcão in order to adjust the best planning. The commander knows that reinforcements will arrive. Mendozawhich was in Ceará, is who is closest to being announced. The attacker’s main characteristic is his speed in attack and was immediately approved by the new coaching staff.

Departures will also happen and who can pull the line is an old acquaintance of the fans: Carlos Sanchez🇧🇷 The Uruguayan has not performed at a high level for a long time and is also questioned by some fans on social networks. At the age of 38, the Uruguayan has experienced better times at Vila Belmiro and is not the shadow of the player he was 3 years ago.

Santos already indicated facilitating his departure even before Odair’s arrival. The coach places great value on an intense midfield, with a strong grip, something that Sánchez is unable to deliver at this point in his career. Therefore, he did not excite right away as one of the options in the sector and may be one of the first to leave when the window opens.

Sánchez receives approx. BRL 490 thousand in Fish. It was once one of the highest salaries of the cast, but there was a readjustment in the last renewal and these numbers have been reduced. But even so, salaries are not low and that weighs against continuing to have a player who is unlikely to play with a new manager.

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