Nubank blocking accounts: understand the reason for this

Some Nubank customers may have their accounts blocked in certain situations; know what it’s about.

Nubank is one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil. After all, fintech managed to establish itself nationally and retain customers across the country. At one time or another, however, some users end up facing unusual situations. One such situation is account lockout. Do you know why Nubank does this?

In principle, this is a security measure used to freeze accounts that are showing some kind of suspicious activity. Thus, preventive blocks are intended to protect other users and the bank’s system itself. Therefore, while the account is blocked, its functions will be totally or partially unavailable.

To prevent identity fraud, an account can also be temporarily frozen in case it becomes necessary to verify a user’s information or documents sent by him. In addition, movements considered strange or out of the ordinary are other situations that may end up resulting in a blocked Nubank account.

My Nubank account was blocked: what to do?

When an account is blocked by Nubank, instructions for unblocking will be informed to the holder by the bank itself, through the registered e-mail. As a rule, there is nothing the user can do, apart from waiting for Nubank’s investigation. According to the institution itself, less than 0.11% of blocked accounts are frozen by mistake.

This means that, if the user finds his account blocked, the possibility that there really is something wrong is very high. The measure also aims to protect the user himself.

In some cases, blockages last so little that the customer may not even notice. In any case, Nubank hopes that everything will be properly checked before the account is released again.

In case of doubts, complaints or the need to report problems, it is possible to contact the bank by email [email protected]🇧🇷 Within the app, available on Google Play and the App Store, there is also an exclusive section for service.

You need to click on the question mark on the screen, in the upper right corner, and then on “Chat with us”. If you prefer, you can also call the number 0800 608 6236 for free.

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