Nubank releases massive limit increase and surprises customers

Nubank customers used Twitter to comment on the new limit release by the financial institution

This Wednesday (30), Nubank customers used social networks to report a fintech limit increase. Apparently, several people got an extra amount to spend. Faced with the demand for an increase in the limit at Nubank, this could be quite a novelty for some clients of the financial institution.

Currently, Nubank has a credit assessment to release limits to users.

Nubank limit increase

Bank customers reported the increases via Twitter on Wednesday. Look.

Customers do not always get an increase in the limit, as Nubank performs a detailed analysis to find out the user’s history. Therefore, when the limit increases, the financial institution’s customers use social networks to celebrate or complain.

About fintech limit

To release limits to customers, Nubank carries out an analysis based on the user’s consumption habits. Paying invoices on time, for example, is a factor taken into account by the bank when deciding on the limit.

In addition, the financial institution makes this assessment periodically and at different times to better understand the person’s profile.

When requesting the increase, the user can inform the amount he wants. From there, the bank proceeds to carry out the procedure.

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