Pelé is hospitalized and undergoes tests in São Paulo; chemotherapy does not respond and the situation worries

Pelé’s arrival at the hospital was not scheduled; player had swelling all over his body

the former player Skin he was again hospitalized at the Albert Einstein hospital, in the south zone of São Paulo, last Tuesday (29). Contrary to the Athlete of the Century’s recent visits to the venue, the arrival this time was not scheduled🇧🇷 The idol was taken by his wife, Márcia Aoki, and by a caregiver after presenting a swelling all over the body🇧🇷

Upon arriving at the Einstein, the medical staff that takes care of the attacker confirmed the picture of anasarca (generalized swelling), an edemigemic syndrome (generalized edema) and even identified a “decompensated heart failure🇧🇷

Another problem reported by the medical team is the fact that the chemotherapy carried out over the last few months has not shown any responses to the tumors present in various organs of the King of Football’s body.

Pelé is undergoing a battery of tests this Wednesday (30) for a more in-depth assessment of the problems detected and the organs compromised by the metastatic cancer.

As soon as he entered the Albert Einstein, Pelé, very restless, was also diagnosed with mental confusion. The exams this Wednesday will also evaluate the possibility of the occurrence of a hepatic encephalopathy.

The delicate picture and the cancer treatment that no longer presents answers concern the medical staff and family members.

Debilitated, the former player has difficulties to feed himself.

Still in a hospital room, Pelé, his wife and a caregiver are waiting for the test results to learn about the next steps in the treatment. There is no prediction of medical discharge for the King.

Wanted by the reportage of ESPN since Tuesday night (29), the Einstein advisory has not responded about Pelé’s hospitalization and medical condition.

Márcia, the King’s wife, confirmed the hospitalization, but says that it only happens for exams and monthly analysis of chemotherapy.

Pelé’s agent, Joe Fraga, was also sought on Tuesday night. He said he was not yet up to date on Pele’s clinical status.

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