Pistol and smuggled cell phones are seized from ‘vigilantes’ in Cafezal do Sul

The Civil Police revealed more details about the operation “League of Justice” launched this Wednesday (30), which served five arrest warrants against suspects of committing the crimes of kidnapping and torture, in Cafezal do Sul. Seven search and seizure warrants were also executed at the homes of those involved.

According to the Iporã Civil Police delegate, Thiago Soares, the investigations began after the police became aware of videos circulating on the internet where two perpetrators of robberies in the city of Cafezal do Sul were being tortured by the gang.

The crime committed by the pair of robbers, aged 22 and 21, took place on October 21, on a rural property in Cafezal do Sul. The criminals invaded the residence, assaulted a resident and fled with around R$1,600 in cash and a check for R$4,500. They were identified and captured by the Civil Police on the 1st of November, being sent shortly after to the Public Prison of Iporã, where they remain until today.

It was only this week that those involved in the kidnapping and torture of the thieves were identified by the police and who served the arrest warrants this Wednesday (30). At the residence of one of the accused, Civil Police and Military Police teams found the firearm allegedly used in one of the videos, a 9mm pistol, in addition to 32 cell phones smuggled from Paraguay.

The police also found that one of the “justiceiros” has a criminal history for the crimes of smuggling and reception, and that another has a criminal association history.

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