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The comedian Fábio Porchat revealed that he discovered that he cannot have children in a “natural” way after taking a pharmacy test. Despite not wanting to be a father at the time, Fábio reported having bought a test “out of curiosity” at a pharmacy in the United States.

“You know how people are who like pharmacy in the pharmacy (sic). There is a Disneyland”, joked the comedian in an interview with the podcast Quem Pode, Pod, presented by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, this Tuesday, 29.

Six months after the purchase, Fábio decided to take the test. After the process, the result had been “low count” and “almost inconclusive”, according to the comedian.

Another six months later, he visited a urologist to question the result and ask for a spermogram. A year after the consultation, the comedian decided to go to a clinic to perform the exam. The result was a “very low” sperm count.

“For a man to have a child naturally, he has to have between 150 million and 50 million sperm. Mine was like 2 million, very low ”, he reported.


The comedian said, however, that the diagnosis is not a problem, since he does not think about having children now. He and his wife, Nataly Mega, have already carried out the process of freezing fertilized eggs if they opt for artificial insemination in the future.

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