“R$ 109 million, Flamengo…”; Palmeiras receives ‘bomb’ over Dudu and Leila is triggered at the last minute

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Striker still hasn’t renewed his contract and rivals are starting to ask for his signing

- Dudu
🇧🇷 Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF– Dudu

Flamengo and palm trees are two highly competitive teams. Both compete for titles every season and are always ahead of rivals. The rivalry between them has been intensifying every year, with provocations from each side and everything. In the ball market, both follow different philosophies. While Rubro-Negro will get medallions, Verdão prioritizes younger players for Abel Ferreira to develop.

People from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo also talked at the beginning of this year about Pedro, the center forward who is now playing in the World Cup in Qatar, but who was out of action and Leila Pereira spoke with president Rodolfo Landim, offering to pay 20 million euros (R$ 109 million at current quotations) and two more players. Palmeiras was very firm and wanted to take the striker no matter what.

Due to the pressure, Flamengo did not accept it. Currently, a very curious and somewhat similar case is happening. Dudu has the renewal stuck with Palmeiras, with the businessman making a series of demands and the agreement still not coming out. Thus, the Flamengo fans make a huge campaign for Landim to offer the same 20 million euros for the striker🇧🇷

Palmeiras’ position behind the scenes is very clear: there is no chance of sitting down to talk about selling the player to a rival, especially Flamengo, which would generate an avalanche of criticism. The position in Gávea is that Dudu He is a great player and would fit on any team.🇧🇷 Landim, even in 2018, said that he really likes the athlete’s style of play because he is ‘racudo’: “I like Dudu a lot. I think he’s a great player, at least I like him (…)🇧🇷 stated at the time🇧🇷

Palmeiras knows that Dudu’s representatives play for the crowd with the intention of putting pressure on Leila Pereira🇧🇷 The athlete still has a contract with Alviverde until the end of 2023 and negotiations continue until there is a common denominator between them.

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