Renata Silveira celebrates World Cup narration and entertains on the web with a dance, pre-game nap and more

Renata Silveira is making history at the World Cup in Qatar by becoming the first female narrator on free-to-air TV. And the journalist celebrates the feat, but without wanting to be the only one at the post. “We did it, we arrived, what a victory. Today, once again, for all. The door is open, ladies”, she wrote in one of the publications on Instagram.

At the age of 33, the carioca born and raised in Ramos, in the North Zone of Rio, is living a dream. It has garnered praise from those who got up early with her for the first games of the day. On the web, she has highlighted moments that will never be forgotten, like when she narrated the first goal of the Cup. The penalty kick, Germany against Japan.

Renata Silveira Photo: Reproduction

“The first goal came out, in fact there were 3. But the first one is always special (Germany 1×0 Japan). 3×1 Uruguay). And the underdog this time was Japan who beat Germany 2×1”, he wrote.

On her profile, Renata also shares behind-the-scenes trivia and has fun with unusual moments. To narrate the games that started at 7am, she arrived at Estúdios Globo in Curicica, in the West Zone, at 4am. Imagine the time she needed to wake up. It was to be expected that a nap during makeup would go down well.

“Globo doesn’t show that! Waking up at 4 am is not easy. During make-up there’s always a nap”, wrote Renata, who received amusing comments from actor Lúcio Mauro Filho, as well as broadcast colleagues Rycharlison and Formiga.

Graduated in Physical Education, the narrator owns a dance academy in Bonsucesso. She no longer teaches there, but the ballet steps she has known since she was a child and the swing she has acquired throughout her life give her good little dances in between broadcasts. In the victory of Brazil’s first game, for example, against Serbia, Renata put the whole team to do Richarlison’s “Dance of the Pigeon”. In the victory against Switzerland, it was at her dance academy that she enjoyed fun little steps.

Married since 2018 and the mother of one son, the men in Renata’s life also support and celebrate the journalist’s every achievement. Leandro, her husband, often publishes a record of his beloved at work. When she was hired by Globo, for example, he didn’t skimp on the emotional text.

Renata and Leandro's wedding
Wedding of Renata and Leandro Photo: Reproduction

“Today is a very special day, one of those that don’t happen all the time and not by chance! It was a surprise, but the result of a wonderful and dedicated work. determination! May many women be inspired by you and seek their spaces and recognition… Renata, you are a wonderful woman, an incredible wife, a sensational mother and an awesome narrator! Your work has been seen, and you are where you deserve to be “, wrote Leandro in December 2020.

Renata Silveira and family
Renata Silveira and her family Photo: Reproduction

The only son, only 9 years old, also has fun. Upon meeting Flamengo idols in a game, he celebrated with several records on the web and also commented:

“A special day also because my mother narrated the Flamengo game for the first time”, wrote Bernardo in June of this year.

Son of Renata Silveira teatando Zico
Son of Renata Silveira tying Zico Photo: Reproduction

With the end of the morning games at the Cup, Renata Silveira joins Grupo Globo’s web narration team, in the games broadcast by GE.

“The 5am tram! These guys got up early in the last few days and delivered a lot! Pride and gratitude for having so many talented people around”, he wrote.

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