“Sent a message”; Friction in the Corinthians squad exposes Vítor Pereira and Marcos Braz puts the spoon on alert in Flamengo


Vêne Casagrande delivered a message sent by the vice president of Flamengo

Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo
Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo

Flamengo made a move in the market and surprised with the arrival of coach Vítor Pereira, to take over the gap left by coach Dorival Júnior. However, information about the coach’s posture at his former club, Corinthians, raised an alert for the Rubro-Negra leadership.

Behind the scenes at the São Paulo club, Vítor Pereira was seen as very hard on the athletes: “The players really didn’t like him very much, but that’s normal. It was another form of work, without paternalism, without talking.”, revealed a source inside the Corinthians. The fact drew attention and the journalist Vêne Casagrande addressed what will be Mengão’s position regarding the profile of the Portuguese coach.

“His (Vítor Pereira) relationship with the players is the famous love or hate relationship. I had the opportunity to participate in Arena SBT and one of the questions I was asked was how I thought the relationship would be. In the qualified audience was Marcos Braz. When I was talking about the relationship and that it worried me, but I trusted Flamengo’s backstage, Marcos Braz sent me a message saying the following: ‘I’ll help in the locker room, don’t worry’.”, declared Venê on his YouTube channel.

Vêne credits Marcos Braz’s power with the squad with great strength and concludes: “Braz knows very well the difficulty he has ahead of him, but I dare say that MB is the best vice-president in the history of Flamengo. Just look at the amount of titles won, the way he knows Flamengo’s backstage and will be a fundamental piece in the link between Vítor Pereira and Flamengo ”.

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