Service allows verification of CPF and CNPJ by WhatsApp; know how

More and more Brazilians are looking for ways to protect themselves against virtual scams. Criminals impersonate employees of companies and even the National Institute of Social Security (INSS). Thinking about the crimes so common in Brazil, a startup offers a new product that allows the CPF and CNPJ check to avoid blows.

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The consultation surveys all the background information of people and companies. Technology is used in favor of security to prevent fraud. Here’s how to take advantage of the service and avoid falling victim to criminals.

CPF and CNPJ check

According to the startup Exato Digital, the idea of ​​the product is to allow the consultation of professionals and companies before the citizen signs a contract. It is a way of reinforcing the security of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as individuals.

The verification feature is very simple and it all happens through the WhatsApp messaging app. The query request response time is a maximum of five minutes.

According to the startup, the only thing the person has to do is send the CPF or CNPJ number to the virtual assistant. Minutes later, whoever requests the information receives a report with all the fiscal, labor and electoral data. It can be from people or companies.

The technology checks the CPF and CNPJ using data that are public, without any invasion of sensitive data. The query is made on websites with the Federal Revenue Service and the Transparency Portal.

It’s all automated. Before the service, the possibility of consultation was more restricted to large companies. Now micro-entrepreneurs and even individuals can count on the product launched by Exato Digital.

There is also the possibility of checking the CPF and CNPJ data of self-employed professionals before being hired to do a service at home, for example, increasing security.

Consultations will cost R$ 9.90 for CPF verification and R$ 19.90 for CNPJ consultation. Those interested can take a free trial through a link to WhatsApp available on the Exato Digital website.

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