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Gmail supports several extensions that can make work easier and provide more productivity for those who use them. Plugins, available for free on the Chrome Web Store, serve as a complement to the functionality that already exists in Google’s email service. They allow you to launch mass campaigns, organize your inbox in a similar way to Trello boards and even know which emails have already been read by the recipients. To optimize your day to day with Gmail, the TechAll gathered six very useful extensions for the platform. Check out.

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Know extensions for Gmail that you should use — Photo: Getty Images

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Sortd ( is a Gmail extension in the style of Kanban board, agile methodology for project management. With the plugin, the inbox interface is now organized into columns, to which you can add tasks – just like in Trello. You can turn a message into a task by dragging it into one of the columns and thus organize your messages however you like. It is possible, for example, to create columns for personal, work and promotional messages.

Sortd leaves Gmail in the style of a Kanban board, transforming your inbox into columns of tasks — Photo: Reproduction/Kátia Moura

Mergomail ( is an extension that allows you to send mass messages, facilitating the triggers. To use it, just click on the green icon that will be available on the right sidebar of Gmail after installation. Then click on “Mail Merge” to send a campaign and select the message that will be fired – it needs to be saved as a Gmail draft.

Mergomail makes it possible to send campaigns to several recipients at the same time — Photo: Reproduction/Kátia Moura

The next step is to click on “Add Recipients”, which can be imported from a Google Sheets spreadsheet, an Excel file or added manually. Once the list is imported, just send the campaign. Shots can also be made from Google Docs and Sheets, integrated with Mergomail. The extension also provides follow-up reports, in which you can see how many emails were opened, answered and clicked on.

MailTracker ( is an extension that tracks emails sent by Gmail. It shows whether the recipient received the message, how many times it was opened, and when it was first and last viewed. The platform ensures that, despite “tracking” emails, it does not read their contents and does not even have access to the recipient’s and sender’s IP.

MailTracker tracks emails and shows whether the recipient received the email, as well as how many times the message was opened — Photo: Reproduction/Kátia Moura

Once installed, the extension can be identified by a green tick, which will be at the bottom of the compose a new email window and will confirm that MailTracker is working. As soon as you start using the extension, all your emails will have a mark that tells you if the message was opened or not: just hover the mouse over it to access the information.

The Checker Plus extension ( promises to help users stay up to date on new messages without having to open Gmail. With it, each email that arrives in the inbox is notified with a pop-up window, which appears in the lower right corner of the desktop screen. The alerts also emit sounds, which can be customized according to the user’s preferences.

Checker Plus notifies all new emails with pop-up windows — Photo: Reproduction/Kátia Moura

Window notifications show the first few lines of the email — so you know what the message is about and whether it’s urgent to respond. In addition to reading, the plugin also allows you to delete and mark emails during navigation, making it easier to manage messages. The operation of Checker Plus also favors access to multiple accounts at the same time.

Simple Gmail Notes ( is an extension that adds notes to emails and conversation threads. With it, you can write reminders and complementary comments about the message. You can, for example, write down the context in which a conversation takes place or even record the recipient’s information.

Simple Gmail Notes adds notes to emails — Photo: Reproduction/Kátia Moura

After installing the plugin, you will see all of its functionality arranged above the message box. You can easily create, delete, grow and shrink, or change the colors of notes. You can also control which space the notes appear on the screen. It is worth mentioning that the extension is integrated with Google Drive, so that all notes are saved in the cloud.

Focused on security, the FlowCrypt extension ( encrypts sent emails, giving the user more freedom to share data and handle sensitive matters via email. Security is done through PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)🇧🇷 an encryption software used for sensitive files.

FlowCrypt encrypts your emails to send confidential data — Photo: Reproduction/Kátia Moura

To use the extension, you need to follow some procedures. After installing it, click on “New Encryption Key” to configure a new key. Enter a passphrase, click “Set Pass Phrase” and confirm the code. If you already have a key, click “Use My Own Private Key🇧🇷🇧🇷

Then go to your Gmail and click on “Secure Compose” on the left side of Gmail and thus the message box will appear. Then enter the recipient’s email address, the subject, the text you want to send and click “Encrypt, Sign and Send”. Thus, the email will be encrypted. It must be noted, however, that both the sender and the receiver need to have the extension installed in the Google browser and the keys configured to open the content.

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