Soviet-era ‘war monster’ abandoned on Russian beach becomes tourist attraction

O MD-160 flat screenbetter known as lunwas built by the Soviet Union to carry out lightning attacks on ships🇧🇷 O exotic eight-engine hybrid plane-boatnicknamed “Caspian Sea Monster” and “armed to the teeth”was built as part of a top secret project during the Cold War, but is abandoned on a beach in Russia🇧🇷

With its engines stacked in its wing, the ecranoplane can lay claim to being one of the strangest machines ever built. The “fire-breathing beast” was equipped with guided missiles fired from six launchers with a range of up to 100 kilometers🇧🇷

American spies were convinced that the ecranoplane could also be used for mine laying, anti-submarine warfare, and search and rescue operations.

According to naval warfare expert HI Sutton, in the 1980s the Soviet Union planned to build eight to face the warships of the US Navy. A formation of three ships could launch 18 missiles, each traveling at three times the speed of sound🇧🇷 In a statement published in “Sun”, he describes the ecranoplane as “impressively fast and heavily armed” and one of the most powerful weapons of the Cold War.

The idea was that it would fly very fast just above the waves below the radar using what is known as the “ground effect” – the aerodynamic interaction between the wings and the surface. This formidable machine was capable of taking off and landing in stormy conditions, with waves of almost 3 meters. Had 74 meters long (bigger than a Boeing 747-400) and 20 meters high, with a wingspan of 44 meters, traveling about 550km/h🇧🇷 But was not able to fly more than 9 meters high🇧🇷 The use of ground effect meant that it was technically classified as a shipdespite the “aerial” appearance.

Work on the MD-160 began in the 1970s. It entered service with the Soviet Navy in 1987, when the Cold War was winding down. It had six officers and nine sailors as crew. It was said that the US, when it became aware of the project, was concerned about the possibility of bringing a “New Dimension to Naval Surface Warfare”🇧🇷 However, the program was canceled in the early 1990s when the Soviet Union collapsed.

The mission to transport the Lun ecranoplane to a museum in Russia failed and it ended up abandoned on the beach Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Until 2020, the Lun ekranoplan languished on a Russian naval base. In that year, he began to be transported to a military museum in Derbent (Russia). Transport the machine 385 tons by sea was not a simple task. On the way, the monster threatened to sink after a leak and was abandoned on a beach, a few kilometers from your final destination. turned tourist attraction🇧🇷

Other smaller models of ecranoplanes
Other smaller models of ecranoplanes Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

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