Starfield: The priority was always the Xbox version, even before the Microsoft acquisition

Bethesda has always prioritized the Xbox Series X|S version of Starfieldlike this the studio’s previous games, even before its acquisition by Microsoft. That’s what emerges from the interview with the game’s director, Todd Howard, on Lex Fridman’s videocast.

Speaking about the acquisition of Bethesda, Howard explained that the company has always had good relations with Microsoft since the Xbox version of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

“When your company goes through a change like this, no matter what happens, even if it’s someone you’ve worked with for a long time, you never know what to expect,” Howard said. “I’ve been working with them since we started developing for consoles with Morrowind. They came to us and told us we should make this game for Xbox. I had a great experience with them when they were making the first Xbox and then on the 360 ​​with Oblivion and so I think the point is that we felt like we had a great relationship with them and we understood what their culture was.”

When asked how the development approach changes having to make a game like Starfield, which actually represents a major Xbox exclusive for 2023, Howard explained that the acquisition did not change the modus operandi much from the team, as usually Bethesda always starts development on consoles with a focus on Green Cross releases first. In fact, according to Howard, being able to focus all efforts on a single console (as well as the PC), as well as having the support of Xbox engineers, will greatly benefit the console version of Starfield.

“For us, Starfield’s exclusivity is not something unique. While we’ve made PlayStation games – and I think the PS5 is a crazy machinethey did a great job and we had great success on PlayStation – we are traditionally PC developers and with the transition to the Xbox, this has become our main platform🇧🇷

“So we made a lot of games starting development as if they were all for Xbox. So to start development and say we’re focused on Xbox is by no means abnormal for us. It’s always been kind of the norm and from a development perspective, I love that we can focus on one console and get help from the best engineers at Xbox to make this game amazing🇧🇷

Starfield will be available for PC and consoles during the year 2023 and will be included in the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalog at launch.

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