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Summary of chapters 25 to 30 of the novel Force of a Wishby Gilberto Braga and Alcides Nogueira, which will be shown from November 21 to 26, at 3:30 pm (alternative time slot at 11:45 pm), on the channel LiveđŸ‡§đŸ‡·

Monday, November 21st – Chapter 25 of Wish Force

Ester assures Guiomar that she will take revenge on Inacio. Ventura asks VitĂ³rio to mistreat the slaves without anyone noticing and says he wants to be president of the court.

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Ventura thinks that Sobral went to court with Palmira. InĂ¡cio passes in front of the brothel, but doesn’t have the courage to go in.

Palmira can’t get a job at the court and is revolted. Queiroz tells Ester that InĂ¡cio went to Europe, but in fact he is another InĂ¡cio. Esther is frustrated.

Queiroz says he’s going to Sobral’s house, and Ester asks to go along. Bartolomeu receives Queiroz, Ester and Lorival. Sobral is enchanted by Ester.

Tuesday, November 22nd – Chapter 26 of Wish Force

Bartolomeu proposes to be Queiroz’s partner in the newspaper. Ester tries to find out about Ignatius with Lorival and welcomes him into her home.

Bartolomeu makes an effort to write the article about women that Queiroz asked for. Sobral can’t accept his wife’s death and blames himself.

Ventura discovers that Idalina is going to court and offers her a place in her carriage. Zulmira suffers from having to work hard.

Ester decides to hire an investigator and shows him Inacio’s photo. Sobral asks Queiroz about Ester.

Wednesday, November 23 – Chapter 27 of Wish Force

Queiroz tells Sobral that Ester is obsessed with finding a boy. Sobral talks to Queiroz about his ex-wife.

The investigator goes to the boarding house where Ester said InĂ¡cio was staying and does not get any information. The investigator tells Ester that someone at the college has information about InĂ¡cio, but that he asks for a high amount in return. Ester pays and receives a book that belonged to Ignatius.

Abelardo asks Juliana to be his date, as an excuse to go to Alice’s party. Ester spends a fortune to find InĂ¡cio, and Guiomar tries to warn her friend.

Abelardo chooses a piece of jewelry for Alice, and Juliana gets jealous. Ester is adamant thinking about InĂ¡cio’s revenge, and Queiroz advises her to get to know Sobral better. Ester goes to Sobral’s house.

Thursday, November 24 – Chapter 28 of Wish Force

Ester tries to ask BarĂ£o de Sobral about InĂ¡cio, but he refuses to hear InĂ¡cio’s name. Sobral gives Ester advice and praises her. Esther leaves in disgust. Ventura sees Ester leaving Sobral’s house.

Zulmira faints from working so hard. Clemente puts her on the horse. Clemente tries to rape the unconscious Zulmira, but she wakes up and throws sand in his face.

Ester withdraws a large amount from the bank to give to the investigator, but he refuses to accept it, as it is too dangerous. Esther does not give up and calls Jesus to go with her.

Ventura enters Sobral’s house as soon as he leaves and offers Bartolomeu partnership. Bartolomeu refuses and Ventura is disgusted.

Ester goes to meet Chico Navalha and is attacked. Jesus saves her, but gets hurt. Inacio tells Abelardo that if he goes to Ventura’s party, she won’t speak to him anymore.

Abelardo gives up going to the party and arranges dinner with Juliana. Sobral sees Jesus on the street and follows him to Esther’s house.

Friday, November 25th – Chapter 29 of Wish Force

Sobral discovers Ester’s address. InĂ¡cio is going to receive the money from the farm, and Ventura sets out to steal it. Sobral enters the house and asks to speak with Ester.

Ventura is disgusted because the important men in town are not going to the party. InĂ¡cio enters the bank with the money, and Ventura’s men arrive next, rob the bank and take only InĂ¡cio’s money.

Trajan recognizes the robber’s hand. Sobral takes care of Ester and surprises her. Barbara sends Zelito to find out who the score belongs to. Zelito tells Barbara that it belonged to the Baroness.

InĂ¡cio reveals that Ventura ordered the robbery. Ventura takes flowers to Helena, and Barbara catches him. Barbara says she will never forgive him.

Ester tells Sobral that she owns a brothel and surprises him. Trajano tells InĂ¡cio that he is able to recognize the assailant. Inacio decides to go to Ventura’s farm.

Saturday, November 26th – Wish Force Chapter 30

Barbara decides not to attend the ball, but Ventura and Alice try to convince her. Barbara tells Alice that Ventura is in love with the Baroness. Alice convinces Barbara.

Juliana makes dinner for Abelardo, who changes his mind and decides to go to Alice’s party. Barbara talks loudly with the guests to embarrass Ventura.

Ester provokes Sobral. Ignatius arrives at the ball. An animal left by Clemente bites Zulmira. InĂ¡cio accuses Valdir of having stolen his money during the party and calls Ventura the mastermind.

The dance turns into a general brawl. The bandit takes off the ring, and Ignatius is left without evidence. Abelardo declares himself to Alice and gives her the ring.

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