Theory says who could be a Skrull infiltrated in the MCU

through the series Secret Invasiona Marvel Studios will tell a famous arc from the comics of the same name, where Skrulls are infiltrated on Earth taking the place of ordinary people and also superheroes.

Little is known about the series Secret Invasion, and fans have already created their theories about who might one of the villainous Skrulls infiltrate among the MCU characters. And one of these theories points to a character from Falcon and the Winter Soldier🇧🇷

Falcon and the Winter Soldier brought several twists, some of them that displeased fans, such as turning Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) into the villain known as the Merchant of Power.

According to the Comic Book website, a theory that has been circulating on Reddit says that the Merchant of Power Sharon Carter is actually a Skrull. One of the Reddit users explained the following:

“Because it’s the only way to understand Sharon sending an army of assassins after herself (in the shipyard fight scene). Also, how could Sharon be on the top floor of a building firing a sniper rifle in defense of Bucky, Sam, Zemo, and a few seconds later, she appears out of nowhere on the street.”

Fans have repeatedly questioned Sharon Carter’s actions over the course of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, mainly some that didn’t make sense throughout the plot of the series. And those holes can be closed if she is proven to be a Skrull.

Another user argued that it would be better for Marvel to continue with Sharon being just the Trader of Power, as turning her into a Skrull would be a weak idea, and that in the future they improve the character’s arc.

Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) in Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Playback / Disney+)
Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) in Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Playback / Disney+)

A third Reddit user claimed that Sharon may be using a Skrull to her advantage in the same way Nick Fury did, and being in two places at once.

“I could go with the idea that there were two Sharons – the real one infiltrating the organization as a Trader of Power for the CIA, and a Skrull Sharon inserting herself here and there. And the Skrull is what we see at the end.”

Sharon being an evil Skrull could be something that ends up making sense, especially since she was gathering all sorts of material that could transform a Skrull into a Super-Skrull, as seen in the original Secret Invasion story from Marvel Comics.

Anyway, the series Secret Invasion will have major consequences for the MCU, and many questions will arise about who is real and who is an alien copy.

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