THESE people quit their jobs and went after their dreams

Most people find themselves in a routine that they don’t like, but they follow it because of necessity. Even so, the idea of ​​abandoning these routines to build a life according to one’s personal vocation is recurrent. If that thought also occurs to you, check out here the stories of people who quit their jobs to live their lives. dreams🇧🇷

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Real testimonials from those who went in search of dreams

Perhaps the biggest difficulty in choosing to leave a job to pursue your dream is the lack of references from people who did it and it worked. Therefore, today we bring you some testimonials that were posted on the reddit of real stories of those who opted for personal satisfaction, check out:

Never look back

“I quit my full-time job when I was 27 and traveled with my girlfriend to wine growing regions and worked hard for two years until I was able to open a winery in the US. Now I’m a winemaker with my own brand. I would never look back and I love my life.”

It’s better to fight than to stay in a job you hate

“I quit my soul-sucking call center job to gamble on Game Development. It helped me because I had been doing it as a hobby for years and a little bit with work contracts. I just woke up one day and said ‘screw my job’ and never went back there. I have been in this business for 8 years”.

Sometimes things turn out better than in dreams

“Well, I didn’t get the ‘dream job’, but I ended up going broke and having to wait tables when I was 35. However, I managed to go back to school from the beginning and found a career that I like, but I don’t love. Still, I left the job I hated and if I want I can get another career, it just depends on my effort.

You will discover a new passion

“Within a month I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me, university tuition increased by 15% and my boss said that even if someone in my family died, I should be there on time. So I sent out 300 resumes to wineries and got a job. I learned the trade, I learned French, I made friends all over the world.

Since then, I’ve worked with great winemakers in California, New Zealand, Australia and France. I’ve taken about 8 months off in various countries over the past few years and have 7 barrels of my own Sangiovese ready to bottle soon.”

So, what did you think of the motivations and reports?

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