Tiago Leifert makes a gaffe and changes Iran’s name in narration on sportv2 – 11/29/2022

Narrator of the alternative transmissions of Globoplay and sportv2 in the World Cup, Tiago Leifert committed a gaffe during the duel between the United States and Iran, today, for the last round of Group B of the competition.

During the second half of the match, Leifert went to quote the full name of the Asian country and ended up quoting “Iranian Republic of Islam”. Immediately the narrator noticed the mistake and corrected it to “Islamic Republic of Iran”.

“They like to say the whole name, it even appears on the FIFA scoreboard,” said Leifert. Official graphics for World Cup broadcasts refer to the country as “RI Iran”, the abbreviated name in English.

The fact did not go unnoticed by the transmission itself, which has a lighter footprint and is aimed at the internet audience. Coach Lisca and performance analyst Thomaz Freitas, who are commentators on Leifert’s games, also laughed at the slip.

“All my respect to the Islamic Republic of Iran”, completed Tiago Leifert, who has been narrating a game a day since the opening of the World Cup, on November 20, without any break in the period. The journalist is, along with Luis Felipe Freitas, from CazéTV, the professional who most narrated games in the transmissions with images of the World Cup so far, with 10 matches each.

According to Globo, Leifert’s alternative transmissions have a younger engagement. In the first round, 43% of the viewers were under 30 years old.

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