Understand the difference between restarting and resetting the router

You’ve probably already heard that restarting your router can fix some instabilities, failures and slowness on the internet. And this is really true, so much so that our technical support usually recommends this procedure in some cases.

However, some people end up getting confused and instead of restarting they end up resetting the router, which can cause the loss of settings and internet connection. If you don’t know the difference between restarting and resetting the router, keep calm and we’ll explain!


Rebooting is the same thing as turning equipment off and on again and is a quick and easy way to correct some failures and instabilities on the internet. To restart your router, just unplug it, wait about a minute and turn it back on.🇧🇷 Ready!


If you are an Engeplus internet customer, when resetting your router, the device will erase all the settings made by our specialists, and it will return to the factory default. By deleting this information you will lose your internet connection and need technical assistance via telephone or even a technical visit on site to carry out the procedures. To prevent this from happening, never hit the reset button on your router!

If there is any instability in your connection and you don’t know what to do, or if you have any questions, speak to one of our specialists via phone (48) 3431-4700 or via WhatsApp (48) 99850-0017.

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