US prepares laws for new type of mobility

You Flying cars are, with each passing day, a reality closer and closer to being achieved by the United States.

With a surprising technological advance even before the decades before the 2000s, many believed that the progress of technology would continue to advance to the point that today we have teleportation and machines that replace human activities.

Flying cars are part of these beliefs and it is believed that, before 2030, they will be a reality. With that, the Federal Aviation Agency of the United States (FAA), on November 21, proposed some rules on the use of flying cars as urban commercial air transport.

According to the agency, Electric Vertical Takeoff Aircraft (eVTOLs), that is, flying cars will have as much urban mobility as traditional cars.

The inauguration of the eVTOL factories with the low flight latitude of the cars was a fact that caught the attention of people from all over the world who had the opportunity to watch it.

Through “powered-lift” operations, other commercial niches, such as charter and passenger airlines, were included in the proposal issued.

In a statement, the FAA said that this definition was about the establishment of bases that will allow the use of aircraft by operators.

FAA Commander Billy Nolen expects flying cars to become a reality in early 2025.

Recently, airworthiness criteria were established by the agency. Joby Avation, an urban air transport startup, will have to put into practice the JAS4-1 eVTOL, a new model of flying car. If the startup does not comply with the established rules, the model will not be certified.

Still on Nolen’s expectations, during the 2028 Olympics, flying cars will be widely used as urban transport. He claims that compared to what has been seen in previous years, the number of flying cars demanded will be much higher.

Finally, he says that if these expectations are met, new directions will be expected for the sports games that will take place in Los Angeles.

In May 2023, the agency aims to issue an implementation plan. Through it, the agency will be helped with regard to the expectation of reach in the sector.

FAA officials commented that production of the flying cars is in the final stages of preparation.

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