“We had a lot of trouble”; Diego Ribas rebuts Paulo Nunes live after comparing Flamengo’s ‘strength’


Currently a commentator for the broadcaster, the veteran did not agree with a position made by the former striker about the World Cup

Photo: Reproduction/Globo - Diego disagreed with Paulo Nunes after a comparison made involving Flamengo.
Photo: Reproduction/Globo – Diego disagreed with Paulo Nunes after a comparison made involving Flamengo.

Even though there are no games going on right now, the Flamengo ended up becoming a topic of debate among commentators Diego Ribas and Paulo Nunes, two former players of the club, this time during TV Globo’s transmission of the match between France and Tunisia, in Group D of the World Cup, generating a divergence of opinions.

The situation began when the former striker made a comparison between the football of Rubro-Negro and that of some teams in the Cup, ending up being hit by his partner. It all started with Gustavo Villani, who asked his colleagues if they agreed with Spanish coach Luis Enrique’s statement that Spain plays the best football in the tournament. In the answer, Paulo Nunes “used” the Rubro-Negro as an example:

“Until now, I agree (with Luis Enrique). It’s a plastic game, beautiful to look at, with coordinated actions. Normally, the collective game enhances individuality🇧🇷 For me, in France, Brazil and England, individuality is what enhances the collective game, because they are very good players, who define, who decide. I also think about Flamengo, this does not mean that there is no collective game, but the collective game stands out from the individuality of the players🇧🇷he explained.

However, for Diego Ribas, who has been part of the Flamengo squad for the last seven seasons but recently resigned, the situation is different🇧🇷

“I agree that individual players can shine on the team, but in my opinion, the winning team that wins titles is the one that has collective strength and organization. Citing Flamengo, we can remember that we had the same players at the beginning of the season and we had a lot of difficulty, even with that individual brilliance. We got together collectively and won two titles (Libertadores and Copa do Brasil). Individual players win matches and teams win titles🇧🇷countered the former midfielder.

Even though he was heavily criticized in 2022, the former number 10 player lived great moments at Gávea, but now retired from the pitch, putting an end to his time in football, he started out as a commentator for Grupo Globo, and was even highly praised, so much so that the broadcaster is considering a permanent position after the end of the World Cup.

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