Who is the Palestinian who touched Tite when he helped the coach’s family in Qatar

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All world Cup is marked by stories that go far beyond the lawns and football itself and, in this edition of the Qatar, is no different. One of these stories involves the coach of the Brazilian national team, Titeit is a Palestinianwho this Tuesday (29) personally met the coach of Brazil at a training session for the Canarinho team.

the Palestinian is Husam Safari, who was born in Palestine, lives in the Qatari capital Doha and is passionate about Brazilian football. Last Thursday (24th), after the opening game of the Brazilian National Team against the Serbian team, Safari helped Tite’s daughter-in-lawFernanda Bacchi, the carry Lucca, the coach’s grandson, who had fallen asleep, over a walkway between the stadium and the metro station. The scene quickly went viral on social media.

Tite’s family then mobilized to find the Palestinian, who didn’t even know he had helped the grandson and daughter-in-law of the coach in Brazil.

“My family was coming back from the game, and until I get to the subway, it’s too far away. And I have 2 grandchildren, they are heavy. Then transfer one, transfer another. During this whole exchange, an Arab came and said: can I help? And he took it … And he took my grandson and carried him for I don’t know how long,” said Tite, excited and with a choked voiceat a press conference.

“I would like to meet the Arab because it shows a sense of solidarity that transcends the football side, which is the human side,” continued the coach.

Tite’s statement reached Husam Safari, who this Monday (28) was at the match between Portugal and Uruguay and asked a Brazilian in the stands to help translate the coach’s speech. After that, the Palestinian contacted the CBF, which made possible a meeting between him and the coach at the training center of the Brazilian National Team🇧🇷

“Thank you very much for your affection. We are brothers, regardless of nationality”, said Tite to Husam, who won an autographed Brazilian National Team T-shirt. The Palestinian, in turn, said he hopes that Brazil will be in the World Cup final.

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