Who should Tonho live with in “Travessia”? psychologist will decide

Vera Zimmermann will arriveá  in the next chapters of

Vera Zimmermann will appear in the next chapters of “Travessia” (Photo: João Miguel Júnior/Globo)

Vera Zimmermann will arrive in the next episodes of “Crossing” to reinforce the plot of Brisa (Lucy Alves) and Ari (Chay Suede). The actress will play the psychologist Jussara Lima, responsible for evaluating who Tonho (Vicente Alvite) should live with.

The characters dispute the child’s custody in court and the psychologist will be fundamental to the decision. In the plot, Brisa shares an apartment with a friend and organized a room for the boy. Ari, on the other hand, with the support and money of Chiara’s family, offers a lot of luxury to the heir.

Vera has been away from Globo’s soap operas since “A Lei do Amor” (2013). The actress’ last work on TV was on Record, in the successful plot “Os Dez Mandamentos” (2015) and “O Rico e Lázaro” (2017).

Moretti tries to kill Oto

In addition to Vera’s entry, the soap opera will be agitated with Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) planning the murder of Oto (Rômulo Estrela). The businessman will try to kill the employee after discovering his relationship with Brisa.

To yahoo🇧🇷 Bel Kutner revealed that the villain will make the soap opera scary. “Moretti is getting closer and closer to Guerra and there’s a lot of things to show. There’s a lot of cloth to sleeve. Moretti is showing more and more who he is, right? It’s not just a bon vivant charming,” she said.

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