“Willing to open the vaults”; Paulo Bracks and 777 arrive together to take Flamengo’s ‘luxury reserve’


Flamengo should look to do some business in this transfer window and Vasco appears as a potential ‘partner’

Photo: Vasco's Flickr - Bracks and Josh Wander, from 777 Partners.
Photo: Vasco’s Flickr – Bracks and Josh Wander, from 777 Partners.

Flamengo is constantly the most active team in the ball market, Rubro-Negro, due to its huge fans and also to always winning titles, has the best financial situation in Brazilian football. and with that he always ‘snaps’ the best reinforcements available, such as Cebolinha, Vidal and many other stars.

However, a possible departure of one of the players became a subject around Flamengo this week. That’s because Vasco, one of Fla’s biggest rivals, is counting on the arrival of the SAF and promises to compete in the ball market, even with a name from the Rubro-Negro squad in the sights.

According to information from journalist Jorge Nicola, one of the targets of the 777 and Paulo Bracks is the right-back Matheuzinho, who this season was, like many others, a ‘luxury reserve’ for Fla, who would play in the starting line-up for most other Brazilian teams. According to Nicola, Bracks is returning to Brazil with the endorsement of 777 and should look for Flamengo to talk.

🇧🇷The first information is that Guga, Matheuzinho, and now Khellven, are the three right-backs in the sights of Vasco and 777. Paulo Bracks is returning from Europe and promises news and wants to intensify signings at Cruz-Maltino in the coming days“, revealed the journalist.

It’s already a fact that Vasco is willing to open the coffers for 2023, but that doesn’t mean it will be an easy deal. According to Transfermarkt, the player is valued at 8 million Euros, which would be equivalent to around R$ 40 million, and because it is a very close rival, there would be no reason for the Rubro-Negra board to facilitate the negotiation.

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