With a Brazilian uniform, Tite’s grandchildren tietam Paquetá and Vini Júnior, offspring of Flamengo, in the selection’s concentration

In the break between one duel and another in the World Cup, the players of the Brazilian national team take advantage of the time they are not training to spend time with their family. And those who are with their loved ones in Qatar take the opportunity to meet idols with their fans, as was the case with Lucca and Leonardo, Tite’s grandsons. This Wednesday, they took pictures with Vinícius Júnior and Lucas Paquetá, stars who developed at Flamengo. The cute moments were recorded by the boys’ mother, Fernanda Silva Bachi, daughter-in-law of Tite and wife of Matheus Bachi, assistant coach of the national team.

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But parting time is difficult. On Tuesday night, Leonardo did not understand why his father and grandfather could not return with them to the house where Fernanda Bachi and the children are staying in Doha. The coach had to pray in his grandson’s ear to calm the little one down.

Son of Matheus Bachi, assistant coach of the national team, cried when saying goodbye to his father Photo: Reproduction

In Rio, Tite and his son live in the same building, on different floors, and the boys live with the national team coach on a daily basis when he is in town.

Tite's grandchildren were moved by the reunion with their family
Tite’s grandchildren were moved by the reunion with the family Photo: Reproduction

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