Woman is startled by nest of spider eggs in banana in Scotland

A Scottish woman was startled to realize that a bubble that appeared on a bunch of bananas bought at the supermarket was actually a nest of spiders with tiny eggs ready to hatch.

A mother of three, she was returning from a Waitrose supermarket in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, with the odd-looking bunch and, after poking a little at an odd bulge on the skin of one of the bananas, discovered that it was infested with spiders.

“I was unpacking groceries when I noticed the strange bubble-shaped mark on the bunch of bananas,” the woman told EdinburghLive.

The woman, identified only as Michelle, said she had asked her husband, Martin, to help her assess the strange bulge on the banana.

The couple only realized there were spiders inside after seeing one crawl out of bananas packed in plastic bags, prompting Martin to attack it with a fork.

Lifting the banana peel after placing it in the sink, Martin ended up accidentally releasing hundreds of baby spiders.

“I thought finding spider nests in store-bought fruit was an urban myth, but after I took a picture and zoomed in, you could see a spider crawling out,” the man said.

“After that I dreamed that the mother was leading a march of the cubs and she was suddenly gone. I woke up feeling itchy all over,” says Michelle. “I’m not sure if that was harmful or not, but that scene made me stop buying bananas for a while.”

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