You will fall backwards! Cost to host the World Cup in Qatar is SHOCKING

The World Cup in Qatar is one of the most technological and flashy that has ever been created. No wonder it was considered the most expensive in the entire history of the event. But how much was invested in the general infrastructure for holding the games and parallel celebrations linked to the world championship? Understand this subject and be surprised by the answer.

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How much did it cost to hold the World Cup in Qatar?

According to official information, somewhere between US$ 200 billion and US$ 220 billion were spent. This means that it would be the same as investing R$ 1 trillion to host the World Cup in the country.

The value is much more than the US$ 15 billion for the Cup in Brazil or the US$ 11 billion for the Russian tournament. Even so, you should know that of the entire amount spent, only US$ 6.5 billion was used in the construction of stadiums, youth teams for local teams and facilities for fans.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, the value of world Cup in Qatar was divided between various sectors of the local economy. That’s what Fatma Al Nuaimi, executive director of communication for the Cup, says.

“The $200 billion figure often associated with the World Cup is actually part of this ambitious strategy for Qatar’s national development and modernization,” he told The Sun.

Money was employed in the cities

According to the director, most of the amount was used for building roads, airports, subways, hotels and tourist equipment.

Officials say the amount would have been spent on social improvements anyway. The World Cup would have been just a tool to speed up Qatar’s modernization process even more.

“These projects would have been implemented anyway, however, the football championship has certainly accelerated all these developments so that the country can receive the 1.5 million fans we expect in 2022”, concluded Fatma Al Nuaimi to The Sun.

Photo: Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters

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