10 fun facts about the A Quiet Place franchise

Curiosities about the A Quiet Place franchise go beyond the relationship between protagonists John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, married in real life. Including, the plot of the film also goes beyond the invasion of carnivorous aliens that respond to sound signals. The production reflects some curious points based on facts and management decisions.

As a director, Krasinski took a look at family drama in the midst of the horror and suspense genre. With that, some facts went unnoticed and explain the size of the film for the cinema. Thus, we separate 10 curiosities about the A Quiet Place franchise that reveal even more layers to the feature film.

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10 fun facts about the A Quiet Place franchise

The nature of A Quiet Place monsters

The monsters of the A Quiet Place franchise have always drawn attention. In an interview with Empire Magazine, Krasinski confirmed that the creatures were extraterrestrials from a planet without light. After the destruction of the home planet, the race landed on Earth via meteorites. They were like wolves and hunted in packs, but without eyes because of the environment they grew up in.

The use of sign language

Before Krasinski joined the director, A Quiet Place would use a generic code language to establish communication. When the actor joined the project, he changed the idea to use US sign language. In addition, it was his idea to add a character with hearing impairment.

Creatures’ first look

Early in production, the monsters in A Quiet Place were supposed to be more grotesque and frightening. However, Krasinski insisted that the creatures’ look be more primitive in order to confuse the public.

recording with the baby

The two baby scenes featured a newborn child on the set of A Quiet Place. Thus, the production did not use technology or puppets to make a baby for the film. Therefore, any recording error could result in a major accident.

Analog recording in A Quiet Place

Despite the evolution of technology, many directors prefer to make analog recordings. In A Quiet Place was no different. Krasinski wanted to shoot the film the old-fashioned way to create new techniques for special effects. So editing had to look for ways to eliminate noise from the recordings.

No voice, no names

A curious fact is that the characters in A Quiet Place never had their names mentioned. Because of the premise, the film did not name the characters before the end credits. Because of the suspense, the information went unnoticed by many.

John Krasinski played a monster

Actor and director Krasinski brought one of the monsters from A Quiet Place to life. In this case, the look of the creatures was only defined in the post-production work. So the raw shots show Krasinski in overalls and acting like an animal.

The hatred of cinema owners

According to fandomwire, cinema owners stopped selling food, such as popcorn and snacks, for sessions of A Quiet Place. The immersion of the film was so silent that the audience preferred not to eat anything to keep the mood.

The bathtub scene was filmed in just one take.

A Quiet Place enhanced all the quality of Emily Blunt as an actress. In short, the scene that required all acting excellence only needed a single take🇧🇷 When Blunt’s character is in the bathtub to give birth, the actress nailed the scene the first time. O fandomwire it even says that after giving their all on the recording, Blunt asked where they were going to lunch.

Krasinski prevented A Quiet Place from being part of a larger universe

Ultimately, Paramount wanted A Quiet Place to be part of the Cloverfield universe. However, Krasinski blocked the idea because he understood that this would mean a significant reduction in creative freedom. Thus, screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck supported Krasinski’s decision and allowed A Quiet Place to be an independent franchise.

A Quiet Place is available on Star+ and Netflix. On the other hand, the sequence of the film is only available on Telecine.

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