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Being the most iconic figure of the Christmas season, it’s no surprise that there are many movies featuring Santa Claus, and everyone knows what to expect when Santa Claus appears in a movie. Most of the time, anyway.

Inside violent night, David Harbor becomes the latest actor to play Saint Nick, but his take on the character is a drastic departure from the holly, jolly Claus most imagine. While a more adult, action-oriented Santa might be a departure from tradition, this isn’t the first time a movie has made drastic changes to Santa’s character or Santa’s iconography.

Fat man

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Fat man

Very similar violent nightSanta Claus in Fat man it’s much more action-oriented. Played by Mel Gibson, this version of Santa Claus finds himself being hunted by a hitman who was hired by a spoiled rich kid upset about being given coal for Christmas.

Shooting and swearing is a far cry from the image of the Santa that people know and love, so combining this edgier version of Santa with the film’s dark comedy, fight sequences, and hyperviolence, Fat man certainly helped to lay the groundwork for violent night to be done with Gibson’s Santa Claus fighting for his life in a very censored way.


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Jesper and Klaus talking in the Klaus Christmas movie.

Stories involving Santa Claus are usually full of joy, but klaus, Netflix’s beautifully animated 2019 holiday movie, didn’t shy away from exploring a more emotional side of Santa Claus. Played to perfection by JK Simmons, Klaus is a reclusive toymaker who has gone into isolation after the death of his wife.

Klaus is also a far cry from the jolly version of Santa Claus that pervades the Christmas season, the Christmas spirit replaced with a melancholy and mourning that the film captures perfectly. A more character-centric view of Santa Claus, klaus it operates as an origin story for Santa Claus and Christmas itself, while also emphasizing the power the holiday can have.

bad santa claus

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Mall Santas can be as much of a Christmas tradition as reality during the holiday season and families expect them to fit a certain image. Willie Soke in bad santa claus manages to shatter all expectations of what a mall Santa can be.

Vulgar, boorish and alcoholic, Billy Bob Thornton is the exact opposite of what Santa Claus is known for. Thornton spending most of his time in a traditional Santa costume also helps make the shocking and profane humor that much more impactful. What should have been an irredeemable character is slowly pulled off the edge as Willie’s friendship with the young Thurman continues to grow, proving that even the worst depictions of Santa Claus are not immune to the magic of Christmas.


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Bill Hader in Noelle

No matter how you interpret Santa Claus, he is usually very good at knowing what he must do to ensure that Christmas is a success. Inside Noelle, Bill Hader stars as Nick Kringle, the son of the recently deceased Kris, who is set to continue the mantle as the new Santa Claus. Feeling the pressure, Nick flees the North Pole for Arizona, putting Christmas in jeopardy and sending his sister Noelle, played by Anna Kendrick, on a manhunt to find him before it’s too late.

Although versions of Santa Claus vary, Nick Kringle is a different kind of Santa Claus, as he is afraid of failure and doesn’t know what to do, a far cry from the traditional Santa Claus, who exhibits a jovial, irrepressible confidence that comes just from being and immortal. and be almost omnipotent.


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Renouncing Santa Claus Entirely, the Christmas Horror Comedy krampus instead, it focuses on Krampus, an anti-Claus from folklore known for punishing those who have lost their Christmas spirit.

Krampus is basically an exact opposite of Santa Claus, the rosy red cheeks, bushy beard and cheery voice are gone, instead replaced with Krampus being a hulking, hooded figure with two huge horns and a face that looks like a tattered version of Santa Traditional Christmas. 🇧🇷 The film goes to great lengths to invert Christmas conventions like gifts, gingerbread men and elves, creating a memorable antithesis to the traditional holiday movie formula with Krampus much more likely to take naughty children with him down the chimney rather than leave. gifts under the tree.

The Grinch (2018)

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Illumination’s 2018 update of the 1966 holiday classic The Grinch, follows the iconic curmudgeonly Grinch as he schemes with his dog Max to steal Christmas from the Whos who live in Whoville. Using Santa’s image to complete his master plan, the Grinch goes so far as to lie to young Cindy Lou Who, who nearly catches him in the act, leading her to believe that Santa Claus has punished all of Whoville because of something she did. .

Santa Claus would never lie to a child, let alone steal socks, presents and the Christmas tree itself. By touching on the Grinch’s backstory and what caused him to be so anti-Christmas, audiences might feel some sympathy, but this moment, disguised as Santa Claus, remains one of the most dastardly.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Santa Claus tied up and Jack dressed in a Santa suite in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jack Skellington wouldn’t fool anyone into his Santa costume, but even if he did, the presents he hands out as Sandy Claws are a deadly revelation that something isn’t quite right. The nightmare before Christmas. After being touched by the Christmas spirit, Jack decides to kidnap Santa Claus and try to spread Christmas cheer, with disastrous results.

Jack’s Sandy Claws may not fully understand Christmas traditions, but his attempts to spread Christmas cheer embody what the holiday is all about. While Jack may not be the most convincing Santa, if only because he looks so much more ghastly than jolly Saint Nick, The Nightmare Before Christmas it’s still one of the most popular movies to watch each holiday season.

The Santa Claus

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Tim Allen and Eric Lloyd as Father and Son in Santa Claus

What happens if Santa Claus dies and the chosen replacement doesn’t want to fill the sleigh? Starring Tim Allen, the Santa Claus confronts that question head-on when Scott Calvin saves Christmas one year with his son Charlie, only to spend the next year questioning whether it ever happened and trying to find ways to escape becoming the new Santa Claus.

Selfish and incredulous, it’s hard to imagine a Santa who threatens to take the presents back and complains about not wanting to eat milk and cookies, but that only makes the film’s climax (and Scott’s transformation) that much more magical, even after 25 years. years old. (and several sequels) later.

The year without Santa

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Rankin bass classic

Struck by a cold and feeling underappreciated, Santa Claus decides to go on vacation instead of delivering presents across the world.

It’s hard to imagine Santa Claus deciding he just didn’t want to be a part of Christmas, especially since bringing joy to millions of children is often mentioned as something Santa is proud of. The year without Santa It has remained a Christmas classic since its first release in 1974, in part because of its reminder that even Santa Claus deserves recognition and appreciation for the magic he brings at Christmastime.

violent night

now in theaters

David Harbor drinking a beer as Santa Claus in Violent Night.

When trying to twist the Santa formula, it’s crucial to ensure that the actor playing Santa is able to make it work. Like Santa Claus helping to save a wealthy mercenary family, David Harbor violent night plus any pitfalls that could have sunk the film before it was even released.

Harbor Santa has more in common with John McClane than Hard to killthan other movie versions of Santa Claus, as he exhibits fighting and survival skills, violent night squeezes all the fun it can out of its admittedly thin plot, leaving the unhinged St. Nick from Harbor take center stage as he battles the villains to try and save the day.

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