5 technologies that disappeared after smartphones; do you remember them?

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With the arrival of new technologies in the 21st century, some tools used by the population have become obsolete, especially with the advent of the smartphone.

Few people would imagine that this device would be able to compile the function of several others. By the way, do you know what the obsolete technologies🇧🇷

5 technologies that are now obsolete

Some devices were essential in many people’s lives, but today they are in complete disuse. See below five of these technologies replaced by smartphones.


Landline phones are the first and most obvious casualty of the smartphone age. However, as much as it has been replaced, few people use cell phones to make calls. In fact, most of them choose to use the messaging mechanism to communicate.

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Digital cameras

Common camera sales declined significantly between 2008 and 2021. This trend coincides with the increased use and creation of new cell phones. And in this case, it’s really a matter of causality, not coincidence.

With this transition, consumers became familiar with the megapixel (MP) concept. Thus, we can say that today cameras are more used for professional purposes, and not usual, as in the past.


When it first appeared, the calculator was a significant business in its early years. After all, doing mathematical calculations quickly and accurately has become easier thanks to it. However, this combination of usefulness and simplicity made it a perfect target for smartphones. Therefore, its function is present in current cell phones, making it obsolete.

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alarm clocks

Alarm clocks, for a long time, were present in the clocks that were on the bedside table, usually digital, but sometimes analogue clocks that needed daily winding. However, smartphones, once again, found an opportunity to improve with this technology, which is now obsolete.

MP3 players

Before cell phones could function as a music player, there were so-called MP3 players, which were manufactured by different brands. However, today, they are in almost complete disuse, due to the function of playing music that smartphones have.

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