“A contract for…”; Businessman speaks about Dudu in Flamengo and journalist brings exclusive that leaves Nação with ‘wide-eyed’


Striker is having trouble renewing with Palmeiras and new information stirred up social networks

- Dudu
🇧🇷 (Photo by Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images)– Dudu

The crowd of Flamengo was excited by the news that Dudu is indeed under observation at the Club. The striker has a contract with Palmeiras until December 2023, but his representatives entered into a collision course with the direction of Clube Paulista after a minimum game clause during the new contract and, so far, the parties are far from signing an agreement. .

Leila Pereira’s relationship with the agents was strained and it is in this context that Flamengo entered the parade. Yes, the Rubro-Negro evaluates the Dudu as well above average and if there is any chance of business, it will enter firmly into the dispute. It all depends on how Palmeiras develops in the negotiation. If there really is no progress towards a renewal, the CRF studies ways to enter the scene behind the scenes.

The nation was even more excited after “discovering” that Dudu’s manager, André Curyhad already confirmed to journalist Jorge Nicola that Flamengo actually sounded out the star, that is, the confirmation came from a person who represents Dudu🇧🇷 This just makes it clear that Flemish interest exists and the conditions were sought, something very close to what GE reported and other media.

Journalist Nicola even provided more details in his latest video on the YouTube channel about the Flamengo plan: “(…) Flamengo considers the possibility, in the event of Dudu not agreeing with Palmeiras, to offer a contract to keep Dudu free, for free from January 2024 (…)”🇧🇷 said the commentator🇧🇷

Flamengo knows that the management of Palmeiras will stay “scared” with this situation, even more so with a rival expressing interest and opening the doors to hire a player who is considered one of the greatest idols in history. Dudu receives around R$ 2 million at Palmeiras, amounts that Mengão would be able to afford.

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