“A little smaller”; “cannot underestimate”; Real Madrid fan sends message to Flamengo supporters


Flamengo will compete in the Club World Cup after winning the Copa Libertadores over Athletico-PR

Franklin Jacome/Getty Images/ "a little smaller"🇧🇷 "can't underestimate"🇧🇷  Real Madrid fans send messages to Flamengo supporters.
Franklin Jacome/Getty Images/ “A Little Smaller”; “cannot underestimate”; Real Madrid fans send a message to Flamengo supporters.

The Club World Cup should take place in February, and could put two football powers face to face: Flamengo x Real Madrid. With the reputation of not giving much importance to the tournament, a fan demonstrated that this is not exactly how madridistas think.

The Spaniard David Palavecino, emphasized that Real Madrid is the favorite, but it is important that they win the confrontation, and may encounter some difficulty when facing the Flamengo🇧🇷

“Be careful with Flamengo, huh? You can’t underestimate it. (Flamengo is) a little smaller (than Real Madrid), but a good team, a good team. They are Brazilians, they have good players. You know? You have to be careful. Honestly , the World Cup is the biggest title there is. The Club World Cup is also very important, and Real Madrid needs to win it. Come on, Madrid”, he stressed.

And he added: “Yes, I do. Flamengo from Rio de Janeiro, right? I don’t know the players very well, but I saw the Libertadores final and I know that Flamengo has a good team. But, given the last 15 years, Europeans have always are coming in stronger and playing better”.

FIFA has yet to announce the date or venue for the Club World Cup. According to speculation, the small tournament is likely to take place in February, but after the end of the World Cup, the organization should reveal the host country of the competition.

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