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Actress Mena Suvari has revealed that she is undergoing treatment for postpartum depression a year after the birth of her son. The star of the drama ‘American Beauty’ (1999) and the ‘American Pie’ franchise films revealed her dramas in participation in the most recent episode of the podcast ‘Broad Ideas’, hosted by her professional colleague Rachel Bilson.

Now aged 43, Suvari gave birth to baby Christopher in April 2021. The child is the result of her marriage to set decorator Michael Hope.

Actress Mena Suvari in a scene from the American Pie franchise — Photo: Reproduction

“I fight postpartum depression every day,” said the actress. “I’m having a hormone test next week, so there you have it, this is all pretty real. I face it every day.”

Suvari said she was tired of “softening” the effects of motherhood on her life and stressed the importance of accepting her “emotions, regardless of the circumstances”.

Actress Mena Suvari in American Beauty (1999) — Photo: Reproduction

The actress said that she came to think that she was “going crazy” and that she thought she couldn’t leave the house: “I remember one day sitting on our porch and saying, ‘I need to leave the house, I need to leave the house’. My husband said, ‘go there, you can go for a walk’, but I didn’t think I could”.

“I’m still facing it all. That I don’t need to be glued to him 24 hours a day to raise a good human being, because that was my fear. It’s very tough”.

Actress Mena Suvari with her husband and son — Photo: Instagram

She attributed some of the problems to a last-minute change in her birth plan. She planned to have a normal delivery, but after 48 hours of labor, she had to have a caesarean section.

Suvari said: “We as mothers are entitled to these emotions, even though I have a beautiful baby who is perfectly healthy, my husband is wonderful and we made it out of the hospital. I still feel like I can save some space to be sad that I didn’t have the birth I wanted.”

Actress Mena Suvari — Photo: Instagram

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