Are you still using a thumb drive? There is already a more modern way to transport documents – 11/30/2022

A video by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), son of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), justifying his presence at Brazil’s World Cup game is yielding criticism and memes on social media. He said he went to Qatar to take videos, in English and in pen drives, “explaining the situation in Brazil”.

After the declaration, the term “Google Drive” was among the subjects of the moment on Twitter and many internet users remembered that since Nina’s saga, in the soap opera Avenida Brasil, it has been known that this is a very outdated way of uploading important files.

Cloud file storage services have existed for many years — and, as columnist Leonardo Sakamoto recalled, “they are much cheaper than paying for a ticket for him and his wife, as well as accommodation and tickets, in the middle of congressional hours National in Brazil”.

For those who don’t remember, the character Nina, played by Débora Falabella, became a joke after losing photos of the villain Carminha (Adriana Esteves) with her lover, for not having backed up the images.

After taking a photo, where do you store the image? There are those who still use physical storage, such as the memories of smartphones, computers and external drives, but the most modern way is “cloud” storage.

No, your files are not floating in the sky. “Cloud” is a set of servers distributed in several data centers, with large storage capacity.

When you save a file to the cloud, it is transmitted over the internet to one of these servers, where it is stored. With this, you can update, edit and save virtually everything.

It works as if it were an extension of your computer or cell phone storage. Some services have a free package and others have a paid package, depending on the volume of data saved.

No data storage solution is 100% fail-safe, but there are some advantages of the cloud over conventional means of storage. One of these advantages is redundancy: in general, files are not stored on a single disk on a single server. It is quite likely, therefore, that files lost due to crashes or extreme events will have copies “stored” elsewhere.

If you’re worried that hackers will intercept your files while you’re saving or accessing them, there’s good news: data circulating in the cloud is encrypted, which adds an extra layer of security.

In addition, it is much more likely that the equipment of a company that provides services of this type has a much more up-to-date maintenance than that old external HD that you use to record important documents thinking it is safe. HDs have an expiration date and we usually forget about it.

How to scan the files?

There are some services for that. Google Drive, Google’s online storage service, is usually remembered whenever this type of doubt appears, but you can also use Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, for example.

These companies generally provide a decent amount of free storage, with additional space available for a monthly or annual fee.

This means that you can back up your cell phone or computer to the “cloud” and store all the photos, videos and files you need in a folder that you can access from anywhere.

Sources: Emilio Zamae, architecture manager at Claranet, and Ricardo Destro, professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at FEI.

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