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Before and after: Belle Silva at the 2018 World Cup and, alongside, at the Qatar CupInternet Reproduction

Published 12/01/2022 11:21

Rio – The digital influencer Belle Silva, wife of the national team player Thiago Silva, has been attracting attention on social networks due to her good shape. Since the last World Cup, in 2018, Belle has already lost 28kg. She said that she always “fought the scale”, but only saw results when she changed her habits.

“Look, I fought the scale for many years, I tried drastic and very restrictive diets and nothing worked. Everything changed when I changed my relationship with food and changed my habits. Today I have the necessary discipline and focus to maintain these good habits,” he said.

In Qatar to accompany her husband, Belle reveals that she doesn’t need to do anything drastic to stay in shape. “Here in Qatar, I’m following a healthy diet, without dietary restrictions, but I don’t feel like it! When I want to eat pasta for lunch, for example, I take it lighter for breakfast. But in all meals I include salads, a protein and fruit”, he guaranteed.

“I incorporated exercises into my routine when I understood the importance of training even when I don’t feel like it, and sometimes I really don’t. The same thing goes for my diet. I don’t give up the things I like, but I always look for balance I went to Qatar with that mindset, so I didn’t need to intensify my diet before the trip. And here I’m managing to exercise because the ship has a great gym”, he concluded.

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