Best apps to EARN with cashback: complete list!

Apps to earn cashback – which are the best? That’s what many Brazilians want to know in 2022! Cashback is one of the main alternatives for those who want to guarantee extra income. With this method, it is possible to make purchases and receive back part of the money spent. The return percentage varies depending on the option chosen, and the best alternatives on the market offer great levels for customers.

So, how to find the best internet cashback apps? An essential tip is to search on proven reputation sites and consolidated media outlets. In addition, it is important to be suspicious of information that is shared on YouTube videos, social networks and messaging applications. With that in mind, see below the best apps to earn cashback in 2022.

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How does cashback work?

The English expression “cashback” can be literally translated as “cash back”. Cashback programs began in the 1990s in countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Eventually, these promotions also made their way to Brazil.

There are a few different types of cashback, and therefore, Brazilians need to keep an eye on the program regulations. We list the three main alternatives below:

  • Actual Cashback: With real cashback apps, users literally earn cash back on making purchases. In this case, payments can be withdrawn, transferred to other accounts or used for digital transactions;
  • Cashback in credits: With this alternative, cashback cannot be withdrawn or transferred to bank accounts. Users must use credits to make purchases in virtual wallets or specific apps. It is also possible to use the values ​​to deduct invoice values ​​and more;
  • Social Cashback: Instead of returning part of the expenses to consumers, cashback companies distribute the amounts to charities. Users can choose which bodies they want to help.

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How does cashback work?

Cashback is nothing more than a return of money spent on purchases, whether physical or digital. It is worth remembering that cashback programs only return part of the amounts spent. This return, most of the time, is not integral.

The cashback percentage varies from company to company. In some alternatives, it is possible to guarantee a return of up to 80%. Usually, the rates are between 5% and 50%, also depending on the partner stores and the selected products.

Cashback is, as a rule, a kind of purchase incentive. After all, with the receipt of part of the money spent, the products are cheaper for consumers.

In more practical terms: if you buy a product worth BRL 500, and an app offers you 30% cashback, the product in question will cost BRL 350. From there, you can receive R$150 as cash back.

Now that you know how cashback promotions work, check out below the best apps to earn cash back in 2022.

Apps to earn cashback – Méliuz

Méliuz is, without a doubt, the most popular cashback app in Brazil. To guarantee money back on the site, there is no secret: just register for free, find online stores and take advantage of the discounts.

A differential of Méliuz is the fact that the application has an extension in Google Chrome. With it, users are alerted about cashback promotions on partner store websites. In some cases, the cashback exceeds 40%.

In addition, Méliuz offers discount coupons for some of the most popular retail companies in Brazil, such as Lojas Americanas, Carrefour and Casas Bahia.

To check out more information, see the complete list of partner stores and register, just access🇧🇷

How to earn cashback on PicPay?

Another great app for those who want to guarantee cashback is PicPay. The app, for those unfamiliar, is one of the most popular virtual wallets in Brazil.

In addition to ensuring cashback in numerous digital storesPicPay users can use the app to pay bank slips, make transfers, recharge their cell phones and much more – not to mention the income levels of the values ​​stored in the app.

As PicPay cashback promotions are sporadic, It’s very important to keep an eye on the platform’s dashboard so you don’t miss out on discounts.

Another differential of PicPay is the up to 12 installments on all accounts (paid by credit card with the app).

To check out more information and register for PicPay, just access🇧🇷

Apps to earn cashback – All about the Mooba app

The Mooba application adopts a model very similar to that of Méliuz. With this platform, users receive indications about the best deals from online stores. Upon completion of purchases, subscribers receive part of the money spent in cashback.

The platform also has a referral program in which users can increase cashback amounts. To do this, just share the registration code with people who have not yet registered in the app.

The amount of cashback varies according to the chosen store. In some options, it exceeds 35%. Mooba’s partner stores include Centauro, Carrefour, Renner, Lojas Americanas, Polishop and many others.

To check out more information and register in the application, just access🇧🇷

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Earn cashback on the BeBlue app

Finally, we have the BeBlue application, available both for cell phones with the Android operating system and for Apple devices with iOS. To start taking advantage of cashback, just download the application, fill in all the user registration information and shop at the indicated stores.

On the platform, you can check the complete list of partner establishments. It is possible to earn cashback on virtual purchases and virtual transactions.

The app’s differential is the cashback level. In some options, users can get 100% of their money back. Full return, however, is only valid for some items.

To check the updated list and confirm your registration in the app, just access

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps, games, investment methods or income generation alternatives. We have no connection with the app or developer, we suggest that you carefully research and read all the information before downloading any application, registering on platforms or websites, or investing money.

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