BIG ALERT for Whatsapp users

O Whatsapp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world. Thus, considering this population, many people are concerned about a new data leak, capable of exposing the profile of millions of users.

Typically, this type of data leak is caused by hacker attacks, which manage to break into systems and break security keys. In this sense, it is important to be aware of what can be done to avoid this type of exposure.

New data leak on WhatsApp

Again, account data from the Whatsapp are exposed by hackers and worries millions of users. However, before anything else, it is necessary to understand how this happened and how the leak occurred.

According to internal information, the attackers were selling users’ personal data over the internet. Thus, Cybernews, a company focused on technological purposes, decided to investigate what was happening.

According to the survey, the attack actually happened and so did the data leak. As was already suspected, the action was carried out by hackers who invaded the application’s system, seeking all the personal information of users registered on the platform.

After collecting the information, all data is sold on internet forums or illegal sales channels. It is estimated that millions of people have had their data stolen, including their names and phone numbers.

How to avoid this exposure

Beforehand, it is important to mention that the leak cannot be blamed on Meta, the company responsible for the messaging application. This is because the attack did not occur due to a system security flaw.

In reality, the leak happened through a “data scraping”. Thus, it is worth remembering that the company has a term that prohibits this conduct. However, the term alone cannot prevent this type of attack.

Given this, the right thing is to implement new security barriers in the application. In addition, Meta must create and offer more secure systems, aiming to reduce or prevent hackers from breaking encryption.

In this case, the orientation is to activate all available protection tools. A good alternative in this case is the two step verification🇧🇷 Through it, the user cannot access his account if he does not first provide a code received in real time by the system.

Here’s how to turn on 2-Step Verification

See the step-by-step below:

  1. In WhatsApp, go to the settings tab;
  2. Look for the “Account” option;
  3. Once this is done, click on it and tap on “Two-Step Verification”;
  4. Now enable the security layer by creating a new password.

With this, every time you access your account, you will need to inform, in addition to the security code, the new verification password.

See what success is on the Internet:

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