Bruna Marquezine talks about influencers who are becoming actors: “Why not?”

This week, participating in CCXP2022, which takes place in São Paulo, Bruna Marquezine spoke about the controversy of influencers who are becoming actors. According to Folha de São Paulo, Bruna did not mention anyone directly, such as Jade Picon, but gave her opinion.

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“I know it’s a very controversial subject and I confess that every time I see an actress criticizing this situation, I understand the frustration because it’s a very difficult career. People have a glamorized view, especially in our country, of what it means to be an actor – and it’s nothing like that. People think that all you have to do is appear on a big broadcaster, since you’re swimming in money”, began Bruna Marquezine.

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“How many actors dedicate their whole lives and don’t get a role on a big network, which is the big showcase, and they don’t earn any money, even doing art, doing what they love? I understand the frustration of these artists who often pay to work. Why do these people never have the opportunity?”, asked the actress.

Finally, Bruna Marquezine said: “It’s my opinion, but I don’t think I’m right. I think of my friends, if they had this opportunity in their hands… If you think you’re capable, why not? You might find that this is your calling, that you want to do this for the rest of your life.”

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