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Check the summary of chapter 35 from the soap opera Force of a Wishwhich will be repeated this Friday (12/02), at Viva Channel🇧🇷 Set in the second half of the 19th century, the plot, which has the Paraguayan war and the abolitionist movement as a backdrop, is centered on the troubled romance of Ester (Malu Mader), owner of a famous brothel at the court of Rio de Janeiro, and Inácio (Fábio Assunção), one of the heirs to the lands of Baron Henrique Sobral (Reginaldo Faria), a powerful landowner of the fictional Villa de Sant’Anna.

Strength of a Wish is authored by Gilberto Braga and Alcides Nogueira, with core direction by Marcos Paulo and general direction by Mauro Mendonça Filho.

Chapter 35

Esther claims to be tired to justify her pallor; Ignatius ironizes; Idalina hates Sobral’s new wife; Abelardo and Leopoldo are kind. Palmira offers to work at the salon and Guiomar accepts.

Inácio vents to Trajano and says that Ester has always been an opportunist. Clement teases Jesus; Lucia rolls her eyes. Higino is furious with the wedding and reaffirms his promise to end Sobral. Abelardo and Inacio meet at Trajano’s house and the youngest disguises himself fearing being seen with Alice.

Jesus investigates Ignatius and tells his mistress everything. In Ester’s salon a poker game takes place. A modest family – Olívia, who is pregnant, Lauro and Manoel – find themselves in trouble when the cart breaks down at the salon door. Palmira offers herself to Queiroz. Higino invites Sobral for a liqueur. Inácio takes advantage of Ester being alone in the room and goes looking for her.

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