Coach of Spain does not shy away from the question, says he wants to face Brazil in the quarterfinals of the Cup and is direct about who will be favoritism in the confrontation

Luis Enrique gave a press conference this Wednesday (30), before the match between Spain and Japan

In a press conference this Wednesday (30), prior to the game against Japanthe technician Spain🇧🇷 Luis Enriquedid not shy away from a question about the possibility of facing the Brazil on wednesdays world Cup🇧🇷

If the two teams advance in 1st place in their groups, which has a huge chance of happening, and go through the round of 16, there will be a confrontation between Brazil and Spain in the quarterfinals.

Luis Enrique, in turn, stated that he hopes for this match to happen, but he played all the favoritism for the team of Tite🇧🇷

“I hope (that there is Brazil x Spain)! This means that the two finished as the best in the group and won their games (in the round of 16)”, he began.

“Brazil is a world power. It is the clear favorite in any World Cup. It doesn’t matter if it is in the past, now or in the future, Brazil will always be the favorite, because they have a lot of individual and collective quality, they clearly know how to play and are clear favourites,” he continued.

“Brazil is and will always be a favorite for the World Cup. Besides, this year, there are no big surprises so far in the Cup. […] France won well, Brazil won well, but this is not strange, as they are teams top“, he added.

Spain faces Japan this Thursday (1st), at 4 pm (Brasília time), for the 3rd and final round of group E.

THE Red currently leads the bracket, with 4 points, while the Asians are close behind, with 3.

The other key match will be between Germany and Costa Ricain another match worth a spot in the round of 16.

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