Codau has 1 year to pursue funding for raising water in the Grande River Jornal da Manhã

bail returned
Uberabense lawyer achieves rare decision in the Superior Court of Justice: the return of bail paid by a client with a criminal case still in progress. Payment made after HC’s request was submitted to the STJ, to which lawyer Guilherme Pessato Pena appealed against the TJ’s negative decision to release the accused of having delivered counterfeit fertilizer to Mosaic. At the time, the resident of Cravinhos/SP was arrested in
blatant by the PC.

house sold
The investigated Renato Justino Ricco sold a house in his city to be able to pay the bail of R$ 50 thousand, which the lawyer Guilherme Pessato contested both in the TJ and in the STJ, based on the fact that the magistrate’s decision, according to him, goes against the MP , who had spoken out for the relaxation of the prison.

The lawyer says that he will be able to prove Ricco’s innocence in the process, in addition to demonstrating the existence of mistakes within the company in which he, a truck driver, was unloading fertilizers.

The option for Codau’s new water intake is unsurprisingly defined: the Rio Grande. The challenge will be to get funding from the
Project with total costs estimated at R$ 398 million.

Codau has a year to spare, from the beginning of 2023 to sew up the financing, remembering that this was the time it took for CEF to formalize the contract for the release of the BRL 87 million negotiated by the municipality.

That one year should be the time it will take for the bidding process, the contracting of the company and the elaboration of the basic executive project for the capture. Deadlines commented by President José Wilson.

That simple
The recent ally, but now practically in opposition, councilor Túlio Micheli tried to resolve some doubts about the PL of the Budget for 2023, but was not received by the Secretary of Government. Beethoven told him to talk to his assistant, Glaucon.

More this…
One more from the STJ: a drug dealer was acquitted on appeal. Reason: the evidence obtained by the arresting officer, posing as him when answering the criminal’s cell phone, was considered illegitimate, in the name of secrecy of communications.

The now “discondemned” was intercepted by the PRF on Vitória highway, when he was acting as a scout for a drug load that was a little behind. The call to him had been made by the truck driver.

Lawyer Morena Monalisa met with Frei Davi, founder of Projeto Educafro.

Morena Monalisa, a lawyer from Uberaba, is collaborating with the transition commission. Morena is part of a group that, at the request of the Racial Equality Committee (of the transition), researched ordinances, decrees and laws that need to be revoked.

The first survey, which involved lawyers from different states, was completed on Tuesday. Morena was in São Paulo this week participating in the 1st ESG Racial Business Conference – Pact for the Promotion of Racial Equity.

Alfredo Freire
It is already in the FUNEPU purchasing sector, for the preparation of the bidding notice, documentation that requires a technical study for a decision on the fate of the semi-built Alfredo Freire IV allotment. Analysis required by prosecutor Carlos Valera and attorney Thales Cardoso.

City hall will need to run out of time to regulate provisions of the new Bidding Law, which will come into force in 2023. The law gives municipalities the power to regulate what it only applies at the federal level.

Municipal servants are undergoing training for the correct interpretation of the new law in carrying out bids. But the production of regulatory decrees has not even started.

City Councilwoman Lu Fachinelli proposes that the new water collection projected for the Rio Grande be named after João Pedro de Sousa, who was the pioneer among politicians to speak of this possibility.

João Pedro was a candidate for mayor and, after his failure, he drowned in the same Rio Grande.

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