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Once upon a time there was a strip of Brazilian TV movies that became a pop institution over the years. The Afternoon Session, created by TV Globo in 1974, ended up becoming synonymous with popcorn movies, those productions that everyone stops to watch when they are on, no matter how many times they have already been seen. The peak took place in the 1980s, when several classics of the time began to populate Brazilian afternoons, among them Willow: In the Land of Magic, a feature film that returns in series form to the delight of fans, continuing the fantastic story of the friendly dwarf who discovers an immense power capable of saving an entire kingdom from an evil witch queen.

In a series of interviews, MONET caught up with Warwick Davis, who plays the title character of Willow, returning to what is the biggest role of her career. We also spoke with Jonathan Kasdan, creator and executive producer of the series, alongside Ron Howard, director of the 1988 feature, in addition to the young main cast of today, who for the most part were barely born at the time the original was released. Check out in our December edition the conversations with the stars of the series, which arrives bringing the aura of the classic to modern adventures, a mixture that has everything to bewitch the public’s attention and be a great success.

MONET Magazine – December/2022 — Photo: disclosure

RAISINS, AVOCADO AND ROCK AND ROLL – The national animation Irmão do Jorel wins a fun Christmas special.

LONDON THROUGHOUT – The second season of the Gangs of London series continues to show how criminal clans are divided in the English capital.

DON’T WE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT IT? 🇧🇷 The behind-the-scenes footage of Don’t Worry, Darling would make for a script as thought-provoking as the fictional story.

WELCOME TO CCXP – Attractions to watch on streaming before, during and after the country’s biggest pop culture event.

FRIENDS’ LOVE – The friendship between George Clooney and Julia Roberts and the backstage of Ticket to Paradise, romantic comedy starring the duo.

A COMET CALLED JOY – The documentary Filho da Mãe rescues the life, career and work of the brilliant Paulo Gustavo.

DECISION MEN – On the eve of the final, check out the highlights that shone at the crucial moment of the World Cups.

STAY SMART: The December 2022 MONET Magazine is now available at the main newsstands and bookstores in the country and can also be purchased by Claro subscribers by calling 106 21.

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