Eduardo Bolsonaro’s wife defends trip to Qatar – 12/01/2022 – Mônica Bergamo

Psychologist Heloísa Bolsonaro, wife of federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), publicly spoke out in defense of her husband after the negative repercussions of the couple’s trip to Qatar, where both watched a game for the Brazilian team.

According to Heloísa, the trip for the two began to be planned a year ago and was paid in installments. “There was no charge to the Chamber [dos Deputados] nor a private jet, as the left has already started to invent”, she says.

The publication, made this Thursday (1st), is the first by the psychologist on the subject since the image of the two in a stadium in the Arab country gained wide repercussions on social networks.

As the column showed, the episode managed to unite Bolsonaristas, supporters of Lula (PT) and non-militants on social networks, who turned massively against the deputy.

“Several times we discussed ‘what is the climate of going on a trip?'”, says Heloísa, referring to the defeat of her father-in-law, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), at the polls. “But we didn’t just come to watch a game,” she adds.

According to the psychologist, Eduardo Bolsonaro traveled supposedly to talk to international authorities. “Eduardo is a figure who travels internationally very well”, she says. “Eduardo today is the only Brazilian who manages to be received by the world’s greatest authorities”, she adds.

Earlier this week, when defending his trip to Qatar, Eduardo Bolsonaro stated that he went to the Asian country not to see the World Cup, but to distribute pen drives with “the truth about Brazil”. The pronouncement, made on video, generated all sorts of memes.

This Thursday, Heloísa Bolsonaro endorsed her husband’s version. “Whoever is making fun of ‘pen drives’ has no idea that certain conversations and certain subjects can only take place in person and with content in hand. You only saw a public clipping, as in the photo”, she says.

“It may seem that we are enjoying life, but you can’t even imagine the ‘life’ we lead. We are allies in this fight. It was never easy”, he adds.

In the publication, Heloísa Bolsonaro also denies that the two traveled to Qatar in hiding. “Nobody would imagine that Eduardo would miss out on a soccer world cup. However, it wouldn’t make the slightest sense for me to share a travel experience, with so much happening in our country”, she explains.

At the end of the publication, Heloísa says that the couple has “a mission, guided by our principles”, without clarifying what or what they would be. “For those who think it all boils down to football, I can guarantee one thing: the ball is rolling and there’s still a lot of games to play”, she concludes.

As shown to SheetEduardo’s sudden appearance at the Cup, amid the long period of seclusion of the Bolsonaro clan after the election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), irritated the most radical Bolsonaristas, who have been camped out in military areas in some cities for 27 days in Brazil, such as São Paulo and Brasília.


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