Eduardo Bolsonaro’s wife explains herself to Bolsonaristas who criticized the deputy’s trip to Qatar

BRASÍLIA – The psychologist and influencer Heloisa Bolsonarodeputy’s wife Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), released this Thursday, 1st, a note in which she tries to explain the trip that she and the son of the current head of the Executive took to watch the World Cup in Qatar.

In addition to provoking criticism from opponents of Eduardo and President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the trip also resulted in an avalanche of comments from dissatisfied Bolsonaristas, who have boycotted the World Cup games and protested against the victory of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) in front of barracks and highways.

“Having gone to the Cup, representing our Brazil, was something organized to be experienced in a moment of happiness. When we got the result of the election we were devastated and in no mood for anything. Several times we discussed ‘what is the climate of going on a trip?’. But we didn’t come just to watch a game. Those who only see this, do not see ahead what lies behind”, said Heloísa in a post on Instagram.

“Eduardo is a figure who travels very well internationally and regardless of what may happen in Brazil, more than ever, we need to maintain that. It’s not about football. That’s a very simplistic view,” she said. The president’s son ’03’ was responsible during his father’s government for organizing meetings with right-wing representatives and extremists in world politics, such as Steve Bannon, who was a strategist for former US President Donald Trump.

In a note, the Chamber declared that the deputy “informed, on November 23, the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies that he will be absent from the country between November 23 and December 5, when he will be on a private trip to the Middle East ”. According to the Legislative House, his trip was not financed with public funds. “There is no charge for the House,” said the institution. questioned by Estadãothe Chamber refused to send the letter in which the deputy informs this and claimed that it is “an internal letter”.

On Tuesday, the 29th, Eduardo released a video commenting on the trip and said, with a handful of pen drives, that one of the reasons for going to Qatar was to show the “Brazilian situation” to representatives of other countries. The video became a joke on social networks, with messages saying that the deputy went to the country to sell pen drives and that he is unaware of cloud storage and sharing technology. “Whoever is making fun of the pen drive has no idea that certain conversations and certain subjects can only take place in person and with the content in hand”, said the psychologist.

Eduardo and Heloísa Bolsonaro were married in 2019, in the Fluminense capital;  psychologist, she is also a digital influencer.
Eduardo and Heloísa Bolsonaro were married in 2019, in the Fluminense capital; psychologist, she is also a digital influencer. Photograph: Davi Nascimento/Disclosure – 05/26/2019

Heloísa, who routinely shares her personal life on Instagram, said she reduced posts with this content after her father-in-law lost to Lula in this year’s presidential election. “Since the election results, I have used my Instagram profile practically for work purposes. I stopped sharing my day to day like I used to, because things are simply not normal, neither well nor happy, ”she said.

According to her, the trip to Qatar was not made in secret. Her and Eduardo’s trip to the World Cup was only discovered after they appeared on a FIFA broadcast on Monday, 28, during the game between Brazil and Switzerland. “Eduardo and I went to watch the Brazil game in the FIFA guest area, surrounded by the press. We weren’t in disguise, we took pictures with several Brazilians. That bust was not a flagrant, it was something expected since we were in a public place with spotlights”.

She also denied that public resources were used to finance the trip to the Arab country. “A trip to Qatar is not planned in a month. We made a commitment to the host 01 year ago and at the beginning of this year we started paying in installments. There was no burden for the Chamber and no private jet, as the left began to invent”.

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