Ellen Pompeo takes a tour of a stunning mansion on the beach and reveals how she conquered her dream home; watch and see photos!

Ellen Pompeo is walking out of Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital straight into a stunning mansion in Malibu, Los Angeles. The actress opened the doors of her beach house to Architectural Digest magazine and showed in a video, released this Wednesday (30), why she is so passionate about the property.

According to the vehicle, the property, of about 900 m², was designed to be useful to residents, so it does not have gigantic rooms and ends up drawing attention for the “air of intimacy” that it causes in visits. The property has three bedrooms, guest house, swimming pool, outdoor bar, fire pit and lots of greenery.

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Due to its proximity to the ocean, the property was damaged by sea salt and moisture, but that wasn’t a problem for our eternal Meredith Grey. She reported that she practically tore the house down and completely rebuilt it. See the pictures:

The exterior of the mansion was clad in wood. Most of the walls have been replaced with glass, allowing for some breathtaking views no matter what room you are in. “Some people want a sterile home that makes them feel like they’re in a spa. But I love design that tells a story.”said the protagonist of “Grey’s Anatomy“.

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The property was purchased by Ellen and her husband, Chris Ivery, over a decade ago. However, the star confessed that the property matches the new moment she is going through. “I am entering a very exciting phase of my life, if I may say so myself”Pompeo told the publication.

She revealed that she barely managed to buy her dream house. At the time she first proposed, she still wasn’t paid enough to close the deal. “I knew I couldn’t afford it, but I didn’t tell anyone about it”, she said. But behold, the day has come for the humiliated to be exalted… Almost twelve years later, the property went up for sale again and, this time, Ellen was already one of the highest paid actresses on television.

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Among the star’s favorite spaces are the kitchen, where she takes the opportunity to prepare delicious dishes for her children, and the guest room, which has several photographs of iconic moments of the black movement.

The decoration of the rooms was on account of the designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. With the help of the actress, the two renovated the entire space and made the property a suitable home for her, Chris and their children – Sienna, 8, Stella, 13, and Eli, 6 years old. Check out the full video:

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