Elon Musk shakes the “system” and promises to open Twitter’s “black box”

Entrepreneurial visionary Elon Musk is willing to open Twitter’s black box.

In a message published on social networks, the new owner of the big tech said that the company’s files on “suppression of freedom of expression” will be published soon, on the platform itself.

“The public deserves to know what really happened,” Musk tweeted on Monday.

The company has been repeatedly accused of committing political and religious persecution against profiles aligned with the right-wing political spectrum. Last year, Twitter’s former head of data security, Peiter Zatko, denounced a series of irregularities on the platform, which would have misled federal regulatory agencies and the company’s own board of directors. The executive claimed that big tech omitted “extreme and flagrant deficiencies” in the defense system against intruders.

According to The Washington Post, Zatko delivered an 80-page document to the Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency that regulates the financial market. This material showed dozens of frauds and illegal acts committed in recent years. Zatko also told the newspaper that Twitter broke a 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, a consumer protection and antitrust agency, by using servers with outdated software. This lag makes the company an easier target to hit.

The whistleblower also accuses Twitter and its former CEO Parag Agrawl of having lied about the number of fake accounts active on the platform. This incident temporarily blocked Musk’s purchase of big tech. This year, however, the acquisition of Twitter was confirmed.

The revelation is not a random act, in fact Musk wants to expose not only Twitter but the other Big Techs (the giant technology companies) such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and Apple that often act in collusion either to silence critical voices or to financially suffocate a competitor as they did with the social network PARLER in January 2021.

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