Festival Lanterna Mágica continues until Saturday (3) at Cine Cultura, in Goiânia

Until Saturday (3), with free admission, the public from Goiás has the opportunity to check out animations produced and that circulated in exhibition halls in the four corners of the world. Lanterna Mágica – International Animation Festival began its fifth edition this Wednesday night (30) at Cine Cultura.

The opening of the event features an exhibition of the Bahian animation Meu Tio José, directed by Ducca Rios, which tells the story of José Sebastião Rio de Moura, a member of the Guanabara Dissidence movement, who participated in the kidnapping of the US ambassador Charles Elbrick, in 1969. The film has the voices of Wagner Moura and Tonico Pereira and was selected for the Annecy animation festival in 2021, the largest festival of its kind in the world that takes place in France.

In this edition, Lanterna Mágica celebrates the return to face-to-face after the pandemic restrictions and an edition held online, presenting short films from more than ten countries, in addition to national and regional exhibitions. 204 animated films were entered, from countries such as New Zealand, Japan, United Kingdom, South Korea, Argentina, France, Germany, United States, Spain and Dominican Republic. The curatorship was carried out by Iuri Moreno and Lara Morena, directors of the festival alongside Camila Nunes.

“The curatorial line of Lanterna Mágica follows the idea of ​​educating the public. For this, the film needs to have a good narrative, catchy and relevant themes and a visual that pleases the eyes, something fundamental in animation”, comments Iuri. Productions with different proposals, techniques and themes are part of the festival’s programming, which aims to create a world panorama of what has been produced in recent years. “We seek to bring the best of the so-called ‘B side’ of world production, which are not large industry productions and, generally, independently, but with the same quality”, he says.

The awards are made based on the choice of the judges and the public that follows the exhibitions, who vote at the end of each session. In addition to the national and international competitive exhibitions, Lanterna Mágica also has the Panorama of Feature Films and the Children’s Exhibition, especially aimed at the little ones. Last month, the festival promoted a free Children’s Day session at Cine Cultura, which was a success with the public.

On Saturday (3), Panorama da Animação Goiana will present two regional productions: A Menina Behind the Mirror, by Iuri Moreno, and O Parque de Adelín, by Paulo Miranda, who is also in charge of the film A Ilha dos Ilús, the first feature film. animation footage from the Midwest. “It’s a nice opportunity for the public to get to know this production, which has the historic milestone of being the first produced here”, points out Iuri.

the festival

Lanterna Mágica premiered on the world calendar in 2017 and aims to promote and disseminate the Brazilian and world animation market. The international festival. The submitted films undergo an official curatorship, made up of guests who work in the area of ​​the audiovisual animation market, and are part of the competitive, non-competitive and special exhibitions. It is produced by Caolha Filmes, which produces animations and content aimed at children and young people, such as short films, series and feature films.


5th Lanterna Mágica – International Animation Festival
Date: from November 30 to December 3, 2022
Location: Cine Cultura (Praça Cívica, nº 2, Centro)
Info: @lanternamagicafestival
Free entrance


Thursday (1/12)
7:30 pm – National Exhibition
9pm – International Exhibition

Friday (2/12)
7:30 pm – National Exhibition
9pm – International Exhibition

Saturday (3/12)
2 pm – Children’s Show – Single Session (80 Min) – Free
3:30 pm – Long Panorama
17:00 – Long Panorama
7pm – Panorama of Goiana Animation
7:30 pm – Closing Long
9pm – Awards Ceremony

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