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Princess Leonor, daughter of King Felipe VI and the Queen Consort of Spain, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, caught the attention of football fans on Tuesday by showing herself to be a big fan of Gavi, the Spanish national team player. The 17-year-old has the cover of a school notebook completely covered with photos of the Barcelona player.

In addition, internet users speculate that a shirt signed and recently delivered by Gavi to King Felipe VI would have actually been for her. “Gavi could really be the future king of Spain,” joked some, raising the possibility of a future relationship between the two.

It is worth remembering that Leonor would have had a relationship with a young Brazilian. According to the Spanish press, he got to know his parents-in-law, but the romance came to an end shortly afterwards. According to the website “Voz Pópuli”, the reason for the breakup was the distance.

In addition to being fanatical about Gavi, Leonor, who carries the title of Princess of Asturias, is also the first in line of succession to the Spanish throne. She will be the first Spanish queen since Isabella II, who reigned from 1833 to 1868.

Leonor turned 17 a month ago, on October 31, and has a younger sister, Princess Sofia, 15 years old. His first public speech was in 2018, aged just 13, when he read the first article of the Constitution of Spain, which explains “freedom, justice, equality and political pluralism” as “superior values ​​of its legal order”.

After turning 14, in 2019, Leonor made another speech, this time with great public repercussions in her country. A representative of the Spanish palace told The Times at the time that she was “a great asset to the Crown”. “Leonor is still very young, but modern, well-educated and a woman – which is important as the feminist movement grows in Spain.”

Leonor’s speeches and public appearances are highlighted by the local press as part of her preparation to assume the throne in the future and renew the Spanish monarchy.

Beloved by future subjects, she already is. Leonor has numerous fan club pages on the internet dedicated to accompanying and celebrating her life. On her 17th birthday, a month ago, she received the following message in one of those profiles: “Born to reign”.

Leonor is currently finishing her pre-university course at the UWC Atlantic School, in Wales, where she does not receive special treatment because of her royal title. The institution’s curriculum states that she must perform two hours of community service, two hours of physical activity and another two hours of creative activity per week.

According to Caras Portugal magazine, she should follow her father’s path in the academic world and study law. Before that, as part of the process of preparing to assume the throne, Leonor will receive military training.

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