French TV calls half-time and misses goal disallowance

Those who followed the duel between Tunisia and France saw that Griezmann’s goal was annulled in the final minutes and the Africans remained with the historic victory. Except the French who were watching the match on the French broadcaster ‘TF1’. That’s because the broadcast ended while the referee was listening to the VAR booth.

Without showing the referee going to VAR to review the number 7 goal, the French broadcaster went to commercials and left fans undecided about what had happened in the match. After a few minutes of suspense, the broadcast resumed directly from the Estádio Cidade da Educação with the game already over and the defeat sealed against the Africans.

Several comments quickly took over the social networks, mainly due to the fact that the broadcaster did not even notify its viewers about the error: “French TV is bizarre, as soon as the game was over they cut it to about 10 minutes of commercial and only went to show that the goal of the Griezmann did not count in the sports program that passes afterwards”; “French TV that just cut and went to commercials and didn’t show the goal annulment”, were some of the comments on Twitter.

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“We were convinced it was over, everyone was going back to the dressing room, and then it turned, this endgame, this,” said Grégoire Margotton, presenter of the French broadcaster.

French TV Tf1 called the commercial breaks before the cancellation of Griezmann’s late goal, which would have tied the duel

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