How indecision can make you smarter

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Research indicates that indecisiveness can lead to smarter thinking

Indecisiveness can be considered a totally undesirable trait. But research indicates that it can actually lead to smarter thinking.

in the tv series The Good Placethe character of Chidi Anagonye is defined by her inability to make the simplest of decisions – from what to eat to declaring her love for her soulmate.

The very idea of ​​making a choice often results in serious stomachaches. He is trapped in his permanent “analysis paralysis”.

We get to know Chidi in the afterlife, and the series shows us that it was indecision that ended her life. He was standing in the street, in an endless hesitation to decide which bar he should go to with his best friend, when an air conditioner falls from the apartment on his head, killing him instantly.

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